I have a heart for coffee

Opinion by J1 reporter Abby Butler

It’s safe to say the most popular morning drink out there is coffee. People consume coffee excessively, and personally, I am a victim of this coffee phenomenon.

It might have something to do with being a stressed and sleep deprived teenager, but I have a heart for coffee. Obviously, a cup on the drive to school is necessary, however, so is the cup I have when I get home, the cup I drink trying to find the energy to do homework, and the occasional one in the late hours of the night.

abbyThe taste of coffee is what some might call “acquired.” I like coffee for more than the caffeine and warmth it provides, but the flavor. When I first began drinking coffee a few years ago, it all tasted the same. The more I drink coffee, the more I have come to know the difference between roasts and brands. Sounds like a good thing, right? Unfortunately, my no-income lifestyle can’t afford my coffee palette. I have learned to appreciate a well-brewed Keurig cup of coffee. When there is cash burning in my pocket, coffee always finds a way into my hands.

A good cup of coffee has its perks, not just because the of flavor, but the caffeine. Coffee, to me, acts almost as a personal motivator. If I have a coffee, I know I have the energy to complete the task at hand. When I have a cup of coffee while doing homework, I actually do my homework. A good cup of coffee relaxes me and allows me to focus. It is completely a mindset, but a little caffeine halts my procrastination and sparks my creativity.

The coffee addiction is real. I am a victim, but for good reasons. The unique flavor, energy, and positive mindset coffee gives me is refreshing. Hot or iced. Creamy or black. I appreciate it all. True love? Yeah, cup of coffee in my hands, it’s you!


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