Junior year: Feeling Doomed?

Opinion by J1 reporter Clara Roth

ayy clara

Yes, I understand, my room is messy. You think I haven’t noticed? I have better things to do rather than make my room look pretty for no one except me. I have homework. Hours and hours of homework. Yet I find myself falling asleep too early at 11:30 every night even if my homework is not done. School has overcome my entire existence, and I’m not fully sure why. It might have something to do with junior year and how every single junior is feeling defeated all the time.

Although during the week I feel like I am doomed, the weekend is what I strive for as the days of the week drag on. So I clean my room on Friday after school, and I fall asleep at 1 a.m. in the morning on the weekends. I do my homework Sunday night refusing to believe the weekend is over, and I am finding new things I love. Finding joy in all of this is something I’ve tried to do this year. I found joy in small conversations with my little brother or long drives with blaring music. I know I have so much time ahead of me for stress, so why start now?

Yes, I know, I feel happy. I am more than what my grades are. I am independent and full of life. My friends and I are the future of humanity, and we are the world’s tomorrow. So why are people acting like they could drop dead any day from all the homework they have?

When graduating from Marian, I am going to look back at junior year and laugh. Laugh at all the things I stressed over because on graduation day, my physics test from November of 2017 doesn’t matter. But mostly, look at times that I will cherish forever. Blessings have been poured over me through homework, tests, friends, and family. Through my messy room and messy hair, I am cherishing my time.

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