Music Culture and Stereotypes Don’t Define Me

Opinion by J1 reporter Lily Gonzalez

Heavy Metal fans are satanists.

FullSizeRender (1)

Rap fans are criminals.

Opera fans are sophisticated.

Country fans are rednecks.

These are all musical genre stereotypes. Many different types of music genres and stereotypes go along with certain music lovers. I am here to put those stereotypes to rest and stand up for my favorite genre of music which happens to be pop music.

Pop music is music that originated in the 1950s. Usually, a pop song is short, has a strong beat, and is easy to remember. Some of the world’s most famous musicians and singers are pop artists. Pop music is something that everyone likes, as it is belongs to m

any different genres because it is any type of music that is current. A stereotype of pop music lovers is that we are not intelligent, we are preppy, and we are afraid to open up to emotions and true passion.

A stereotype is a stereotype for a reason, it is not true. One thing that bothers me about any kind of stereotyping is that there is just no point to it.

People already stereotype ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, and more. So why in the world do we have to start stereotyping music preference?

It is unnecessary because everyone has a certain song that makes them happy on the inside. Who cares what genre that song is? We should be focused and happy for the person who is feeling great from just a couple of tunes and beats. Studies have been conducted on music and how it positively affects the brain. No specific type of genre brightens everyone’s mood, it is solely what you prefer. With that said, I continue to ask why people stereotype to bring others down when it brings happiness to others.

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