My friends are always fighting, but learning at the same time

IMG_3136-2Opinion by J1 reporter Katherine Pelton

It seems like my friends are always fighting. However, not about the usual things teenage girls argue about. They don’t fight about boys or classic high school girl drama. My friends fight about politics. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to me though, right? Considering the entirety of the United States is divided on political issues, of course girls of my own age will be too.

I remember last year when Election Day came around. At school, I saw some girls celebrating while others were extremely disappointed. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I wasn’t really educated on politics and didn’t have enough information to form my own opinions. However, being surrounded by so many girls who make it known they are interested in politics made me want to get involved, too. I became interested in listening to what others had to say and forming my own opinions.

Getting involved in politics inevitably results in controversy and difference in opinions with others. Although many people may have an issue with their closest friends bickering about their political opinions, I definitely don’t. I feel that I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by confident girls who are staunch in their viewpoints. They know enough about these topics to make powerful arguments for what they believe in. It’s not the same at other schools, I know this for a fact. Even by just talking with other girls on my soccer team from schools all over Nebraska, I can tell it’s different for them. They aren’t involved in politics, nor do they seem to care at all. Sure, some people at their schools may be, but it is rare to find a place where so many girls are involved and educated on current political issues.

At Marian, almost everyone seems to have their own opinions and isn’t afraid to voice them, whether it be in class or just to their friends at the lunch table. My friends educate themselves by actively doing research, then making up their minds on social and political issues. They make their arguments with factual evidence and the opinion they’ve formed based on their morals, values and beliefs. They aren’t afraid to engage with adults in debates or discussions either.

Sure, my friends might disagree with one another and argue about their opinions at times, but they remain friends no matter what. It’s inspiring listening to the well spoken and intelligent girls talk about what they believe. It’s hard to find a place where you can be surrounded by this many confident, independent, thinking leaders each and every day, and I can confidently say that I’ve been lucky enough to find this place called Marian.



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