The best time to visit New York


Opinion By J1 Reporter Mackenzie Kilton

New York City is home to many world-famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Radio City Music Hall. But how do you know when to visit and what to do in New York City when it is your first time?

The first time that I visited New York City was in November of 2012. Although New York City is incredible at any time of the year, the most breathtaking time is at the holidays. Whether you are interested in shopping, Broadway shows, or historical attractions, New York City has everything that you could imagine. During the month of December, you will never run out of activities and places to visit in New York City.

In Rockefeller Center, I highly recommend attending the tree lighting ceremony that takes place every year at the end of November. Before the tree is lit, there are multiple performers, which will definitely put you in the holiday mood. The ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center is also a very festive activity, especially if you are bringing children. If you are a fan of the Today Show, I recommend that you wake up early one day out of your trip in order to go to the show. It is very exciting to be outside on the Plaza. Usually during Christmas time, there are also performers outside at the Today Show. All in all, Rockefeller Center is one of the best places to visit in New York City at Christmas time.

At Radio City Music Hall, the Rockettes are a timeless, classic show. If nothing else will put you in the Christmas mood, the Rockettes will. Another fun activity is taking a carriage ride through Central Park. It is always extremely busy in New York City, particularly around Christmas time, which makes it very entertaining to people watch no matter where you are. If you wish to stay in an area of excitement, I recommend staying at a hotel between 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center. In this area, there is also excellent shopping, restaurants, activities and attractions.

Although traveling to New York can be expensive because of hotel, shopping and restaurant costs, it can be lowered. When I went to New York, the costs of the plane tickets were not extremely expensive because we booked the trip in July. Bottom line, you need to book your plane tickets and hotel reservations months before the trip in order to avoid excessive costs.

You might also be wondering about the weather in New York City at this time of year. It can be very cold, so I would dress appropriately and bring a warm winter coat. It always feels colder in the city because there is usually a strong wind. At this time of year, snow is also a possibility. Although snow has the ability delay flights and affect vacation time, there are risks that you take when you fly anywhere.

I have been on many great vacations to exotic places and out of all of the trips, New York City remains to be one of my favorite, especially at Christmas time. The amount of activities and attractions in New York City at this time of the year is remarkable, which makes for a great vacation. If you want to travel to an exciting city in order to get in the holiday spirit, New York City is definitely for you.

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