FIAT participates in the National Catholic Youth Conference for the first time

by Samantha Fabian


NCYC extravaganza FIAT core team members (back row) Morgan Hodges ’18, Samantha Fabian ’18, Jenna Cusick ’19 Lauren Klingemann ’18, Colby Lemkau ’18, (front row) Caroline Griffin ’19,  Lexi Schorg ’19 and Lauren Philips ’19.

Marian’s Faith in Action Team (FIAT) core team attended the 2017 National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) as an official school group for the first time. From Nov. 16-18 they, along with 25,000 other Catholic youths, packed into downtown Indianapolis for the 3-day convention that was held to help young Catholics from across America connect.

Throughout the convention they were able to listen to speakers such as Chris Stefanick, Sister Miriam Heidland, Jason Evert and Scott M. Anthony talk about topics surrounding the difficulties of being Catholic in the 21st century, celibacy and the greatness of God. They were also able to watch singers TobyMac and Matt Maher perform, participate in adoration and celebrate Mass.

Because NCYC offered a variety of activities to participate in, each member felt as though there was something for them.

“My favorite part was during adoration when 25,000 people were completely silent and offering up their prayers to God all at once. I could feel God’s presence, and the concentration of prayer was tangible in the stadium,” Hodges said.

The team’s last day in Indianapolis was especially exciting for them, as they were able to celebrate Mass with the other 25,000 youth in attendance, sharing in the liturgy of the Word and of the Eucharist with the biggest congregation any of them had ever been in.

“Seeing 25,000 people celebrating Mass together and being so proud of their faith was really amazing.  The environment was incredible because everyone had this ‘it’s cool to be Catholic’ attitude.  It was a really powerful experience,” Cusick said.

The FIAT core team’s time at NCYC was a Christ-filled, eye- opening experience, and each member was thankful that they were given the opportunity to participate. FIAT hopes to bring several of the faith-strengthening lessons they learned in Indianapolis and implement them at Marian.

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