Lex Talk: Holiday Traditions

Opinion By J1 Reporter Lexi Schorg

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Lex Talk

Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Ever since I was a child it has been a tradition to go to both of my grandparents’ houses for Christmas. When it comes to my mom’s side of the family we do something very unique.

The celebration starts on Thanksgiving Day for my mom’s side of the family. We spend
hours in the kitchen preparing all the food (more like my grandma making all the food) while my cousins and I try to sneak handfuls of food, especially cookies. We then all sit down to celebrate yet another wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Afterwards, we all go into the living room and sit under the Christmas tree.

If you haven’t guessed by now, our family celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas on the same day. I mean, two holidays on the same day sounds pretty amazing to me. We grab our cute little stockings and exchange gifts with one another. Then we go back into the kitchen to decorate some 300 Christmas cookies. We bust out some Christmas jams and start decorating the cookies with the most intricate and elaborate designs you could ever see (a.k.a. they look like they’ve been decorated by a bunch of 5 year olds). Although we may not be the most artistically inclined, we sure do have a lot of fun. After all the decorating is done, we take some of the cookies we made and give them to the neighbors and some friends, just to spread a little extra Christmas cheer.

Then, it’s truly time for the best day of the year, CHRISTMAS!!! I don’t even know
where to begin when it comes to celebrating Christmas with my dad’s side of the family. With so many people and so much food; I genuinely feel like I’m going to go into a food coma for a week after eating so much. Then, we all go downstairs to have our annual gift exchange.

This gift exchange is nothing ordinary. In our family every year has a different theme, for instance last year’s theme was ‘As Seen On T.V.’ gifts. At first, everything seems to being going in a nice, mannerly order, but then before you know it, it becomes complete and utter chaos. People are laughing, yelling, cheering, running all around the room; you name it, it’s happening at this moment. I’d probably say this is one of the funniest moments to witness.

Afterwards, all the cousins gather around the fireplace to play cards or board games. One year we had a game called ‘Speak Out’ were you place an expander in your mouth and try to say something while everyone else tries to guess what you were saying. I was laughing so hard I looked like I had been bawling for hours. Although our family might be super competitive and crazy, I wouldn’t want to spend my Christmas with anybody else.

Christmas is truly about spending time with your family. You could give me everything I
wanted for Christmas, but I still wouldn’t be satisfied without my family. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. They make my life 100 times better than any materialistic object ever could. My family is everything to me.

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