Marian Dads Unite to Form Bonds with their Daughters

By J1 Reporter Paige Connelly

Some of the dads from the latest Marian Dads meeting. Photos by Paige Connelly.

The Marian Dads are an amazing group of guys. There are about 15 to 20 of them who meet once a month in the morning before school. They enjoy some coffee and rich discussion about how they can better their lives, their daughters’ lives, and their relationships with their daughters and God. Deacon Fuller, one of the founders of Marian Dads, said about two years ago, we [as in himself and Mark Jensen] came up with the idea to have a once-a-month meeting for any dads that want to come to discuss how to support our daughters.”

They officially began in 2016 when Deacon Fuller made an announcement at Faces of Marian about their group to try and encourage dads to support their daughters.

While enjoying coffee provided by Deacon Fuller, the dads discuss anything ranging from faith, friends, school, and anything in between during these monthly meetings. Deacon Fuller challenges the dads to a different task each month. Encouraging their daughters to have a stronger faith life and to have more faith-filled items around school such as, posters and statues, for example.  He will tell them the challenge and they have until the next meeting to complete the task. Some of these tasks might include a date night with their daughters or simply just spending extra time talking with them on a daily basis.  During the meetings they discuss how their challenges went and how they grew closer to their daughters then Deacon Fuller will give them a new challenge.

Deacon Fuller leads the last group Marian Dads meeting on Nov. 29 in the Marian Room.

Whether your dad is in the Marian Dads group or not, Deacon Fuller, Mark Jensen, and the rest of the group strongly encourage him to develop a stronger relationship with you and with God.

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