A tale of happily ever after

by Katherine Martin

Some girls dream of their wedding their entire lives. Others would rather talk about anything else and plan on not getting married. But one thing that girls on both sides of the spectrum have in common is the shared belief that planning a wedding sounds stressful.

Movies and TV shows display wedding planning as a giant mess; magazine cutouts all over the table, the different drafts of the invite list and seating at the reception and lots of crying. Math teacher Ms. Sue Altman says that is not exactly how it is for her daughter. “We didn’t really have to plan the wedding. She’s having a destination wedding, so all we really had to do was pick out the dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses. When we get there we have to make sure we like the venue, but there’s not much to do here,” Altman said. Her daughter Chelsea Altman is getting married Aug. 4 in the Dominican Republic.

Science teacher Mrs. Linda Brock’s wedding planning experience was a bit different from the Altman’s.

“Planning a wedding is extremely time consuming, that is something everyone should know. It can get out of control very fast if you let it. As a mother I did not do as much as Allison, she was stressing out the entire planning process,” Brock said.

The one thing that bothers Brock the most in TV shows or movies is the search for a wedding dress. “If a bride likes a dress, let her get it. It is her day. If it is truly awful, say something, but if not, just let her have her day and her dress,” Brock said.

Allison Brock Weatherly married her husband on Nov. 19 of last year. Brock was so happy about how it came together because of how hard her daughter had worked for the day. It was an intimate wedding including their closest friends and family. Even the smallest wedding details were from friends and family. The groom’s father and aunt made all of the cakes and a family friend dealt with the flowers. Brock wishes her daughter could have enjoyed it more and not have been so stressed, but it was a beautiful wedding.

Business office assistant Mrs. Julie O’Doherty’s son, Dr. Michael O’Doherty married his wife Staci in Iowa City, Iowa this past summer. The reception was held in Chicago the next weekend. Her favorite part of the event was seeing how happy the bride and groom were after the ceremony

When asked if helping to plan a wedding was stressful, O’Doherty responded “Yes, it is stressful.  No matter how big or small your event is planned.  There are two families to consider.” O’Doherty’s advice is to have a clear picture of what you want.  Also, keep in mind the costs and allow enough time.  There are wedding planner books to help with all of the details.

Front Office Manager Mrs. Judy Turnquist is yet another staff member with a recently married child. “My daughter Taylor married a Taylor. It is stressful for the mother of the bride because she is in charge of every detail. I really loved the venue, The Barn in Bennington, and we planned the table decorations. My advice for Marian girls in their future weddings is to start planning early, trust your mom’s instincts, simple is better, enjoy the process.”

Though no students at Marian have dealt with the stress of wedding planning, many of them have started planning anyway. Girls at Marian often use Pinterest to plan their extravagant weddings.

Junior Joey Carollo  is one of the students who has already begun her wedding plans on Pinterest. “I would want my ideal wedding to be a destination wedding somewhere tropical, with rose gold accents and white flowers. I would love to have a lacy mermaid dress with a long train and an amazing honeymoon,” Carollo said.

Senior Lauren Hart is another student with a wedding board on Pinterest. “I would love my dream wedding to be a small destination wedding. It is really important to me that it is in Greece or New Zealand or somewhere far away. In my dream wedding only my immediate family, his immediate family and maybe two or three friends would attend. It is also important to me that we have really good food. I think food at a wedding can either make or break it. In a dream wedding my dress would be super light and simple and nothing over the top. For the dress code I would want it to be all white, I think that would look really pretty,” Hart said.

Freshman Maddie Mitchell is already planning her wedding at the age of 14. Her Pinterest board, titled “happily ever after,” shows very family-oriented decorations and embellishments. “I definitely do not have very many exact details of my wedding planned out, given the amount of time I have until I decide to get married, but I do know that I want to be married in a church. I know my dream wedding is a summer wedding surrounded by my closest friends and family,” Mitchell said.

Sophomore Chloe Eminger has some experience with wedding planning. “I was in my sister Julie’s wedding on Oct. 28. I was a bridesmaid and my other sister was the maid of honor. My role was choosing the bridesmaid dresses. The dress picking wasn’t that hard because this dress was the only one that really fit her wedding. It fit her theme well. I love my brother-in-law, he fits my sister so well. The wedding was the best day of my life. It was very emotional for me to see how grown up my sister was and to be around all of my loved ones. My friends and I had a ton of fun at the wedding.”Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 1.00.27 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-07 at 1.00.45 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-07 at 1.01.01 PM

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