Students have self-motivation, strive for a healthy lifestyle

by Audrey Yost

Staying in shape is hard. To eat healthy, work out consistently and stay actively involved in your community and school can become difficult. The constant groans of  “Ugh, I really need to work out” come simultaneously as three Marian cookies are tossed down along with a huge piece of pizza.

For some girls, they don’t have the constant motivation that playing a sport can give. Going to the gym can be daunting. When sitting in bed watching Netflix while eating an after school snack, going to the gym just “slips the mind” after eight episodes go by.

So, many find exercise in different ways such as yoga, weightlifting or kickboxing. Senior Annie Sullivan knows this firsthand. Sullivan spends most of her time lifting weights at Lifetime Fitness. “After I was told I couldn’t do gymnastics anymore I didn’t want to lose the feeling of being strong. I loved being a competitive gymnast and I’d go back in a second if I could, but my body can’t handle it. With lifting I can incorporate gymnastics conditioning within my lifts. I have a lot more flexibility lifting because I can go whenever I want for as long as I want,” Sullivan said.

Freshman Rylee Trojan has a different way of working out. CrossFit has become the perfect way for her to stay in shape during off season. Trojan swims, but goes to CrossFit during off season. “I like the flexibility with working out this way because although I do play a sport, I can do it afterwards or on days I don’t swim,” Trojan said. She works out with her mom and sometimes her friend, but absolutely loves how CrossFit can help her stay in shape when she isn’t in the pool.dumbell graphic

Junior Mary Watson found that the gym close to her house was perfect for her when she stopped playing sports. But going to the gym is hard. The motivation needed to get there is something Watson has struggled with. “I think there are positives and negatives with doing it this way. If you’re motivated enough to get up and go to the gym, this way is awesome, and the flexibility has really worked out well for me,” Watson said.

Not playing a sport can make it extremely difficult to find ways to stay in shape. Being involved in a sport gives athletes the constant fitness sessions and practices to help them stay in shape. For girls who don’t have a required practice or fitness session throughout the week, it is on them to get up and workout. “My motivation is seeing myself improve. There’s no better feeling than when I get a new max and push myself past what I think I can do. It helps me a lot mentally. When school gets stressful, the gym helps me get my head focused and makes me feel better,” Sullivan said.

Gym memberships are expensive; especially personal trainers and personal classes which are more engaging to some. With many students’ busy schedules, some end up heading to the gym before school. Starting the day at five in the morning also causes the day to become extremely tiresome. For some teenagers, the high metabolisms they once had when they were little begins to fade away and the need to go to the gym can be come a lot more prominent.

Many girls forget that they can utilize the Marian school gym and Mr. Ed Dudley as their personal trainer. Girls can go to Dudley to work out during open study hall blocks and before and after school. Girls can email him or go in during the day to set up a work out time. It is completely free for students to go to Dudley.

Sometimes it’s hard to get motivation to want to go to the gym, but a lot of Marian girls use music as motivation. “Lately I’ve been listening to Pentatonix Christmas music, an acapella group and the beatboxing using keeps me going semi-quickly when I walk because of my instinctive rhythmic walking,” Watson said.

Music can be very important when it comes to working out. Everyone has their own motivation. From Sullivan’s jammin’ playlist, with hip hop and rap music, to Watson’s Pentatonix Christmas music, everyone gets pumped up in their own way. Working out can sometimes be a pain, but for Marian girls, a good playlist and the right mindset can make them more motivated to hit the gym.

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