Staff editoral: C’s get degrees

by Editorial Writer Shannon McSweeney

At any given time, if you ask a Marian girl how she is feeling, chances are she will respond with “stressed”. Marian is a school that prides itself on high standards and high achievement. They don’t call it a college preparatory school for nothing. But is being in a place where some students consider a B a bad grade healthy?

NetworkStaffEdGraphicOur environment constantly pushes us to go the extra mile, to try a little bit harder and to value our achievements above our mental health. The overachiever culture at Marian is a good thing- to a point. Participating in extracurriculars helps students find what they love and become a better leader, but overextending oneself to try to do it all leads to little sleep and lots of tears.

We have conditioned ourselves to always compete with one another as a way of validation, from comparing grades in a class to asking people what they got on their ACT. Marian students need to realize that it doesn’t matter what someone else’s score is, because if we tried our best, we accomplished something.

Yes, this sounds cheesier than macaroni day, but prioritizing mental health is just as important as being prepared for college. Plenty of girls at Marian are overachievers. They play sports, take AP classes, help with performing arts, are in every club and somehow get straight A’s.

While these girls may seem like CIA cyborgs, they are real people with real feelings. Being perfect all the time is exhausting, so overachievers need to know that taking a break once in awhile is okay, and helps to ease their stressful workload. We are all very blessed to go to Marian and receive a great education.

We should take advantage of this opportunity and try to challenge ourselves and participate as often as we can. We should strive to prepare ourselves for college and take tests seriously.

But we also need to remember that school isn’t the only important thing in our lives. Studying for a math test is super important, but that doesn’t mean you should skip family dinner to learn about parabolas. A healthy balance between school and life is necessary, and even if that means we aren’t overachievers, we are still achievers, and that’s just as good.

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