A Day in the Life of Sister Margaret

By JI reporter Kayla Gornall

Servant of Mary, Sister Margaret Buchta. Image Source is osms.org


Most Marian girls have seen her, and some might have even talked to her. She has a welcoming smile and speaks with kindness. She is Sister Margaret Buchta.

This is Sister Margaret’s first year working at Marian. She can be seen in the front office, in the cafeteria, or in a study hall. Sister Margaret said she enjoys coming to Marian and seeing girls up to their usual antics. However, working at the school is only one part of her day.

Sister Margaret opens her eyes. A brand new day is upon the humble abode of both Sister Margaret and her friend Sister Peggy Miller (the two are roommates). In the kitchen, she makes her breakfast: coffee, cereal, and a banana, per usual. She then takes some time to meditate silently by herself and pray the Office, a traditional Catholic prayer, aloud with Sister Peggy. Sister Margaret is then ready for Mass. She said, “I go to thank God for he blessing of life and pray with the community.”

After daily Mass at St. James or St. Pius, Sister Margaret heads home and spends time researching Servite history. She finds where the sisters worked and the dates they worked there. Once she finds the information, she puts it into a spreadsheet. Then, depending on the day, it is time for her to get to school.

At school, Sister Margaret does whatever is needed at the front desk and proctors study halls and lunches. She can be found wandering around the cafeteria eating her gluten-free lunch, which consists of vegetables, fruits, and a rice cake sandwich because of her intolerance.

Sister Margaret visits Sister Viola at the Immanuel Fontenelle nursing home after school, and then heads home. She researches more and gets her exercise in for the day. Usually, she will take a walk outside to get her blood pumping.

Finally, Sister Margaret relaxes from her busy day with a dinner with Sr. Peggy and some television. She likes to watch the news and NCIS while cross stitching. Throughout the day, Sr. Margaret works hard and by this time, she is “peaceful and tired” and ready to head to bed, after saying her prayers, of course.

Through her religious practice, Sister Margaret teaches Marian students what it means to have faith, even though teaching is not her occupation at Marian. Sister Margaret has taught in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, and New York working with students from first grade to eighth. She has also spent three years of her life in Rome, Italy being a household manager for the Servite Generalate house there. Today, her job as a cafeteria moderator, front desk assistant, and study hall proctor may not put her in the limelight, but Marian would not be the same without Sister Margaret.

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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