Class of 2017 offers sage advice to prospective college students

by Anna Cook

The transition from high school to college is not always the easiest. The process of applying and deciding which school to attend is stressful enough, but on Jan. 4, the graduated Class of 2017 entered the sacred halls of their alma mater to pass on some of their wisdom to the upperclasswomen. From discussing the ACT to a foolproof guide on how to make new friends, the graduates of 2017 eased some of the the worries students have about going to college.


Listening and learning Chloe Dolan ’18, Abbie Kaipust ’18 and Caroline   Johnson ’18 listen attentively as alums share what they have learned in college. The girls felt the conversation was helpful in making college decisions.

For those stressed about their ACT score, “It’s important, but not too important, so don’t stress too much,” University of Colorado Boulder student Kelly Gehring ’17 said. Many girls emphasized the importance of taking the ACT, but also agreed that there is much more to choosing a school than taking a standardized test.


Some students feel that choosing a school will determine their entire life path. The stress and anxiety put on girls to choose a major or go to the right school is a heavy burden to carry. The commitment of spending four years at a school to discover and help develop one’s professional career is a tremendous feat.

“It’s not the end of the world if you hate your school. Everybody’s path is different and you are where you are because it’s where you’re supposed to be right now,” Gigi Hausman ’17 said; Hausman attends Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio.


Thanks for the memories Kristine Krager ’17, Julia Crump ’17, Ana Hingorani ’17 and Rachel Weremy ’17 reunite as they spend their day at Marian. The three alums enjoyed catching up over pizza following the talk. 

The alums spoke extensively on the topic of being “where you’re supposed to be.” This idea was furthered with the advice of Brooke Huerter ’17, a freshman at Marquette University. “My biggest advice is that the transition in general is hard, everyone tries to post on social media like they’re having fun, but everyone’s having a hard time. Transition is hard, but it’s something you have to get over. It is rough in the beginning, but you’ll be fine,” Huerter said. This advice can be relevant for underclasswomen considering the transition into high school and the fast approaching junior year for sophomores.

Along with insightful tips about braving the unknown territory of college, many girls stressed the significance of being resourceful. “Marian prepared me, and they’re still by my side, and they still give me the confidence I need to excel in my classes. This semester I went to chemistry teacher Mrs. Tunink’s house for help with my gen-chem class and emailed Mrs. McLeay when I needed help writing a paper,” Creighton University freshman Lauren Novacek ’17 said.


Words of wisdom Ella Wente ’17, Brooke Huerter ’17 and Katie Williams ’17 answer the audience’s questions. Huerter gave comforting advice on how to choose the right college. 

Marian academically prepares students for college, but also prepares students by promoting the tools needed to communicate and network easily with peers or professors. “Picture this[…]I’m coming from Marian as a strong, confident and independent-thinking leader. It’s my first day of college, I walk into the cafeteria (dun dun dun) and everyone is already sitting with someone. I think to myself, what do I do?! Here’s what I do, I walk over to a table with one seat left and I say ‘Hey fellas, my name is Kelly’ –that’s right, they’re all boys–’can I sit here?’ And surprise, they said yes!” Gehring explained how Marian’s ideals stood true.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.32.44 AM

Whether a student is deciding to take a gap year or play sports in college, choosing the right path for the future is a big milestone to overcome.       With college decisions just around the corner for the Class of 2018 and the upcoming year for juniors, the tips from the Class of 2017 brought sage advice for fellow Crusaders.

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