Do you complain too much?

by Katherine Martin

Listen, I am a big time complainer. I complain about the dumbest things, and I know this about myself. When I was little, I would complain about everything. My biggest complaint in life (I still complain about it) is the fact that every time I get something, so does my little sister, Maggie. I get my ears pierced, so does she. I get a phone, so does she. It’s been a nuisance my entire life and it is so immature of me to complain about it still, but I do. So, I decided to take it upon myself to stop complaining as much.

For a whole week I recorded every time I complained at school and it was an eye opener. “Tuesday, Jan. 9. The water pressure in the water fountain was low and it was annoying. I was already late to class and filling up my water bottle took me forever.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.44.45 AMSee how ridiculous this is? Instead of being thankful that I have clean water inside of a very nice school, I complained about it.

Everyone complains every once in a while. It’s a part of human nature. I do not know a single person who doesn’t complain.

(Nearly) everyone complains about traffic – if someone claims that they don’t, they are probably lying to you or they are the most patient human being alive.

Walking through the halls of Marian in the morning, all I hear are complaints. “I got here at 7 and I had to park in Soph Lot.” “Ugh I hate E Days.” “Why does a certain bald man on the third floor always hit me?” Girls at this school, myself included, take everything for granted.

While a student may have to trek up Soph Lot, they are still getting a great education. And who cares if it is an E Day? We still have to go to every class. Take advantage of the tormenting teacher who may hitting you in fun, because you might not have him the next semester and you will truly miss his fausx abuse and fun-loving personality.

So, I challenge you to record all of your complaints for a week to see if you complain too much.

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