Nebraska football is home for Omaha girls

by Audrey Yost


Scream and shout Mariesa Beal ‘20 stands in front of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE on a Husker game day. She shouted the “Go Big Red” chant at the top of her lungs. Photo courtesy of Mariesa Beal.

Picture this: it’s 70 degree weather headed to Lincoln in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The smell of Godfather’s pizza and the sound of yelling is in your ear awaiting your arrival at the gate. Finally in the stadium, you sit down and anticipate the beginning of the game. “Sirius” by The Alan Parsons Project comes on and everyone rises to their feet. The crowd goes wild and your hands start clapping to that rhythmic beat. The players run out and the smoke rises in the air. You get chills. It’s game day.


Nebraska football has been with some Marian girls since before they were born. From tailgating all day at games to Husker parties at a family friend’s house, some fans follow the Huskers no matter a win or loss. This past season, the Huskers struggled with a season record of 4-8, but that didn’t stop Marian girls and their families from their love of the sport and love for the team.

Senior Lauren Rosenthal’s dad has been a Husker fan for years. “Every Husker game my father Pat Rosenthal makes the entire family come outside to do the ceremonial flag raising where we salute and bow down to the flag. He usually goes down to the game six hours or earlier before the game actually begins. He enjoys tailgating with his pals and most importantly going into the game,” Rosenthal said.

Sophomore Mariesa Beal became a Husker fan in 2011. She asked her dad to go to a game and she absolutely fell in love. “I have so much faith in the Huskers and I rarely ever give up hope in a game. You can always see me praying or knocking on wood when we are losing.  I became their biggest fan that first game, and I have gone to almost every home game since,” Beal said.

Nebraska_N_RGBThe Husker atmosphere is something that is often taken for granted, and the fans are, too. Husker football can also definitely bring families together. “Our cousins and my family and I all stand together under a big screen. We are some of the loudest people there and we stand there cheering excitedly the whole time,” Beal said.

With the return of Scott Frost, soon to be Head Coach, fans are ecstatic. “He is a rockstar, we are going to have a frosty season and I can’t wait,” Annette Griffin, mother of freshman Molly Griffin said. The hope Frost has brought back to football has kept season ticket holders from getting rid of tickets and brought back fans that were sliding away. Frost was the quarterback for the Huskers from 1995 to 1997.

“We are so excited for Scott Frost because we believe he’ll return us to our glory days. We loved everything he said in his press conference, and it all makes sense. We went out and even bought Frost t-shirts. We are pumped and have so much faith in Frost because he grew up here and knows about the legacy and traditions,” Beal said.

As social media erupted, the excitement was widely known. On Dec. 2 it was finally official that Scott Frost would be the next Head Coach for the Huskers. Nebraska Football’s Twitter account tweeted “There is no place like home. There is no place like Nebraska. Welcome home, Coach Frost.”

Memorial Stadium will most likely be completely packed the first game under Frost’s coaching, with an abundance of Marian girls in their Nebraska gear ready to cheer on their team. Scott Frost has brought back hope and passion.

A powerful quote from NU Athletic Communications, from Frost himself, describes Frost’s passion and love for his return to Memorial Stadium. “I played here, I understand it. I saw the best of this place. I also saw some hard times that maybe other people hadn’t. But that’s what makes this place great, is the passion people here have for it. Watching it from afar, I’m not sure that that passion was unified, that that passion was always completely supported. It’s my hope that by returning this to its roots, and maybe with me coming back, that we can get that passion all pointed in the right direction. When that happens at Nebraska, this is the best place in the country to be, and I hope I can bring that to this place.”

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