Personality stretches from wall to wall

by Lily Watkins

Troom collagehe most recent Network survey asked Marian girls for decorating tips, and this is what they responded with. Every girl has a different taste, and those tastes all blend together to make some quite fashionable results.

Emily Saalfield- Sophomore
With a passion for purple, Saalfield makes sure her room pops with color. She keeps inspirational sayings hung up around her room to make sure she always has a reason to smile. She creates some of the crafts herself and others she buys from Target or Hobby Lobby.

Rylee Gregg- Freshman

Every girl with a nosey family needs a quiet place to relax. Gregg models her room after her personality and only decorates with happy things so she can always keep her mood up. Avid Pinterest user to a fault, Gregg creates her own little slice of paradise with all the decorating tips and ideas she gathers.

Quinn Findley- Freshman
Creative and clever is how this freshman likes to keep her room. From polaroids to paintings, Findley decorates her room in an original and artistic style. She likes to have lights in her room as well-whether they’re normal white string lights or the colorful Christmas bulbs from Stranger Things.

Brooke Wigdahl- Sophomore
This worldly young woman treasures eclecticness. Wigdahl is enthralled with history, even calling herself a history fanatic, which lead her to collect over 20 flags for room decor. Even if she doesn’t always know where to put them, Wigdahl appreciates the travelled flair that maps bring to her bedroom.

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