There’s no place like Hom(e)ha


Indepth Spread by Audrey Hertel ’18 & the Network Staff

Omaha, Nebraska is a place that more than 446,970 people call home. Many Omaha natives enjoy having a ‘wild’ time at the Henry Doorly Zoo, ‘striking out’ their summer at the College World Series or diving into the sea of culture Omaha has to offer. From its intriguing history, local businesses and creativity running through the city, it’s no wonder why people say, “There’s no place like Hom(e)aha.”

Omaha’s Hidden Gems

Marian students who call Omaha home have plenty of recommendations for places to go. Here are some of the ‘hidden gems’ they shared.

Spielbound Boardgame Cafe

“I think that it’s just a comfortable spot where people can enjoy themselves while feeling that they’re in their own little safe and unique world.” – Taylor Sterba ’19

The Flying Worm Vintage Boutique

“The Flying Worm is just so cute and stylish, and while it may have lots of vintage clothing, it does have super stylish collections as well.” – Avery Streeter ’19

Sozo’s Coffee House

“It was like a secret hang out for me and my friends. They have really good drinks, lots of board games, a pool table and plenty of space to do homework!”  – Emily Folts ’18


92.7% of Marian girls love living in Omaha based on a Network survey response of 151 people

“I enjoy being downtown, walking around, going to record shops and looking at all the beautiful art.” – Gillian Krueger ’18

 “I love a beautiful hidden bridge in Elmwood Park. My favorite thing to do with my friends is walking around downtown Omaha and talking with new people.” – Aluth Laul ’20

“The Omaha community appreciates art and is constantly growing.” – Tory Roubidoux ’21

“Omaha can be such an interesting place if you actually drive and go to new places. You can meet such chill people, I have met lots of interesting people at Roberts Skate Park. The street art down in Benson is insane, and the train tracks by my house has some really dope graffiti.” -Emily Schneckenberger ’19

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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