Step Club steps up

by Allison Ostapowicz

_DSC0013.JPGStep is a form of dance where the footwork is the most important part of the dance. This school year, senior Davine Francis introduced this art form to Marian and started Step Club.

She describes step as, “Dance and music. All the sounds are made with your body, for example claps, stomps, snaps, and pats.” Members and Francis define this club as a way to express yourself and release feelings and emotions. The club was started because Francis felt that many girls couldn’t participate in cheer or dance. Because of this, she wanted Step Club to be a place where those girls could still be a part of dance, led by students. Also for a place to meet new people, especially for freshman to meet friends with the same interests.

“Step is a safe place for many of us, we come to talk and spend time with our closest friends. It’s like another home but at school,” freshman Kori Bullard said. Most of the girls in Step Club were familiar with the dance before joining the club, whether it be in elementary school, middle school or watching the dances on YouTube.


Stepping it up Step Club members Amou Majok ’18, Jackline Paul ’21, Wejuik Majok ’21 and Davine Francis ’18 practice their step routine. The Step Club has been meeting every Friday since the beginning of the school year.

“Step is a time to connect with all of my friends. It’s very enjoyable and doing it together makes it extremely fun,” sophomore Bri Eilderts said.

Step means everything to Francis. “I love being with all of the girls and it makes me feel like a mom or older sister. Everyone feels welcomed and anyone can do step.” She also mentions that the most important part of being the leader is making sure everyone has input and all the girls’ voices are heard. Francis hopes the club will carry on after she graduates as she plans to “pass the torch” down to whoever she believes will be the best leader for next year.

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