The College Visit: Necessary or No-Go?

joey opinion

COLLEGE. The big seven-letter word. Some dread it, while others wait impatiently with anticipation. I have been excited for college since my first day of high school. I cannot wait to go far from Nebraska to meet new people and see new things. Whether you think college is exciting or scary, picking the right college for yourself is essential.

Visiting colleges you are interested in is the best way to see what is right for you. First start with the basics: Do you want to stay close to home or go away as far as possible? Do you want to be somewhere warm or cold? I wanted the warmest weather possible and the farthest from Nebraska. This narrowed it down to the west coast, specifically California. Now, you have an idea of where you want to be, and your search has been refined!

Then start to think about the specifics of your perfect college. Do you want a big, small, or medium size school? Does public, private, religious affiliation, Greek life, gender mix, campus setting, tuition costs and any other specific aspects of college matter to you? I wanted a college on the smaller to medium side and public/private was not important to me.

I started looking online and found four colleges in California I was interested in. Over spring break I scheduled a visit at each school, and my mom and I took a trip to California to check them out. Although the school visits may have been boring, I learned so much, and my opinions on some of the schools drastically changed. I would really recommend going during a time that the students are in school. By seeing the daily business of some schools, I figured out what felt comfortable to me.

Overall, the visits helped my decision immensely, and I am sure I will be going on many more. Figure out what is important to you and set up visits at the colleges that look interesting. I wish you good luck, and happy visiting!

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