Staff Editorial: Ope is a way of life

ENetworkStaffEdGraphicveryone knows the stereotypes. People living on the West Coast are easy-going and ahead of their time. East Coasters are rude, impatient and loud. Southerners are welcoming and kind to each other; they are known for their Southern hospitality. We Midwesterners are known for two things: corn and being polite; the order doesn’t matter. 

Though we have grown up learning that “pleases” and “thank yous” are a part of everyday life, not everyone knows that. We have grown up with a “treat others the way you want to be treated” way of life and we are blessed to have always known this lifestyle of being nice. The Midwest has a reputation for being too nice, but when did being a nice person become a bad thing? We should take pride in all of the uncomfortably kind things we do.

We hold the door open for people (sometimes for an extended period of time when people just keep coming and we do not want to awkwardly cut someone off), we thank and tip our servers at restaurants we go to, we make sure people get in their house when dropping them off at night, we shovel our neighbor’s driveway for them after the third snow that week. We like to know that we are helping and protecting each other. We need to look out for each other. 

Not every region is bad or impolite, they just aren’t the Midwest – no offense to the rest of America. Many of us will fight and say that we are simply the best. We have a lot of pride being from the Midwest, and though we get a lot of hate for being nice and for being a boring region with little to do, we still love our home. Midwesterners can do no wrong, unless, for some reason, you hate corn and being polite. 

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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