Sweet sophomores are struggling

by Delaney Stekr

Procrastinating with pride Abigail Elkins ’20 and Libby Dogger ’20 smiling while wasting time on Buzzfeed and House Hunters.
Procrastination is a classic syndrome of sophomore slump.

I cried in homeroom three days in a row about absolutely nothing,” sophomore Sarah Cronin said. 

Sophomore year is rough. “I guess because freshman year everything is new and fun and exciting and you have a ton to look forward to, and sophomore year is just there, it is kind of like a filler,” Cronin said. 

The transition between freshman year and sophomore year can be daunting, especially with the increase in the independence that the teachers give students. “Sophomore year is a lot more stressful with the amount of honors classes and projects and stuff. I’m also a really bad procrastinator, so that doesn’t help,” sophomore Lily Weindel said. 

Sophomores are just trying to get through their year, and with tough subjects such as chemistry and American History, the pressure can definitely build up. “You are still trying to figure out everything, but are still kind of new and still have the pressure of trying to improve,” sophomore Abby Elkins said.  

Sophomore slump may seem like an all-too-frightening reality for some, but others have created their own reality. “I thought that at first we were struggling, but now we are thriving because we are working together, and we are going to try to work together and show that the slump doesn’t apply to us,” Elkins said. Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.38.29 PM

A new addition to the curriculum has also become a problem for the sophomores: iBlock. “The worst part of sophomore slump is the iBlocks I have served,” sophomore Libby Dogger said. 

Motivation can be tough for any student, but for some reason sophomore slump really sucks the motivation right out of you. “For the most part I am fine; it is just, like, motivation.I have a lot to do, and I just can’t [do it], and I end up watching House Hunters,” Dogger said. DSC_0029

As is true with overcoming any obstacle, the right attitude is everything.  Take advantage of planners and try to get your homework and projects done in advance instead of waiting until the last minute. “Pay attention in class, and realize that your grades do matter,” Cronin said. 

If it makes you sophomores feel any better, all the upperclasswomen have gone through it and have made it out alive; keep pushing through. “Sophomore year you’re still new and you’re expected to know what to do. Everything isn’t handed to you, and responsibilities and life come at you. But it isn’t that rough, and if I made it through, you can too,” senior Sadie Stracke said. 

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