Christen gains leadership skills at Creighton University

By Caitlyn Virgillito and Tomi Huber

In the 2017 – 2018 school year Mrs. Jen Christen decided to take the next step in her career by completing an additional degree in Master of Science in Educational Leadership through Creighton University in addition to her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education of Language Arts and Master of Science in Literacy. Christen has been in the educational field for more than 15 years and said that additional education and leadership training was what she needed to help further the Marian mission through helping not only the students of Marian, but the teachers as well.

Going to classes has not been easy, especially while completing all the work for her job as the Dean of Student Services, school studies, and spending time with family. Christen said that she has been able to relate to her Marian students as she is attending school herself, “I am reading, doing discussion posts and presentations, and writing papers just like our students,” she says. She further relates to her students on a technological level, “I also use a learning management system – similar to eBackpack – so I know what that’s like to use and process all the assignments and posts that my professors put up,” Christen said.

Christen Edited final.jpg
Mrs. Jen [Feregrino] Christen’s senior year picture from Marian 1996.
Although it is difficult to work towards an additional degree, Christen is excited to show her family and friends all that she has accomplished. “I want my daughters to see what all the time away from them and the hard work that I did matters. I hope that they too will become lifelong learners and value the power of education” Christen said. After Christen graduates in May, she will gain the title of Assistant Principal in the 2018-2019 school year.

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