Esprit de corps category promotes sportsmanship among classes with committee of ‘Secret Spirit Judges’

By Maria Piperis

Your homeroom teacher, Tim from the lunch line, the maintenance guys, Sister Margaret— any of the above could be one of the 15 Secret Spirit Judges for Field Day 2018. Probably the most notable addition to Field Day this year, the spirit award, or Esprit de corps, is defined by 15 secret people within Marian, and it is worth 40 points.

No, that’s not a typo; the spirit award carries the same weight as both walls and demo, and could possibly be the deciding factor of the overall winner of Field Day.
Mrs. Mary Steiner, co-StuBo moderator, explained why the award is worth so much.

“Sportsmanship is of equal importance to walls and demo. The purpose is to create a positive competitive spirit as opposed to cutthroat competitive [atmosphere].”
The judging for Esprit de corps began at Color Block on March 22. The award is unique in the fact that it is not announced at Field Day, it is just included in each class’ total. Every class starts at 40 points, and the judges determine whether points are deducted.
Spirit judges will obtain their information simply in passing, so there are definitely some do’s and don’ts during Field Week for the spirit award.

The Esprit de corps category provides opportunities to display both your spirit and your creativity! You can cheer on all your friends both outside and within your class during Field Week, you can make bracelets for your friends (but no t-shirts!), you can bake themed cupcakes and bring them to school (as long as you eat them in the quad or cafeteria!), you can even host an impromptu dance party (but probably not in the middle of a math test!)

For upperclassmen, helping struggling underclassmen and offering uplifting comments and advice are great ways to represent their class well. It’s the trash-talking on classmates and committees of both other classes and your own that will hurt your overall score.

“Just encourage and support teamwork and positive energy, within the class itself, and between all classes” Steiner said.  Ms. Jessica Abel, the other co-Student Board moderator, offered some valuable advice, “Stay off social media, unless it’s positive. Just be nice to each other! That includes within your class and to other committees. It’s about healthy competition.”


Shhhhh! Mrs. Mary Steiner (above)and Ms. Jessica Abel, the Student Board moderators, encourage students to promote school and class unity by keeping negative comments to oneself.

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