Marian blood drive saves lives

By Mary Watson

When I walk out I always leave feeling better then when I walked in. I leave feeling like a better person,” senior Lily Veylupek said. She was one of several students who donated blood at Student Board’s annual blood drive on March 23, and for most donors, it’s an easy way to give back to the community. “I choose to donate because it is an easy way to save lives,” Veylupek said. Marian’s goal this year was 75 pints of blood, to which Veylupek contributed.

Blood donations are used for many medical emergencies, the most common of which include major surgeries, serious injuries (such as in a car accident), and anemia, or a low red blood cell count. Without a blood transfusion, most patients who are given blood would die, so blood donations are extremely important.

Even those who are unable to donate can sign up to volunteer for Red Cross blood drives. The actual donation takes just 30 minutes of your day. Some students have a special appreciation for blood donations. Freshman Madison Mitchell shared about a personal experience with blood donation. “My aunt and uncle (twins) got total blood transfusions when they were born to save their lives.”

Even if you don’t realize it, everyone has a connection to someone who has benefited from a blood transfusion. Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs a blood transfusion (according to

How do you know someone is really going to need your blood? One way to see how your donation affects others is to download the “Blood Donor” app. By inputting some basic information, you can track your blood donation and see who is receiving your blood. Sophomore Sarah Lighthart said “I love the fact that I can see who recieved my blood. I strongly believe if more people use the app, then they would be more inclined to donate because they would be able to see that they saved a real person’s life.”

If you missed the blood drive, go to and input your zip code to find more locations to donate.

Senior Saving Lives
Lily Veylupek ‘18 gives the camera a thumbs up while donating blood. This was Lily’s second year donating. Photo by Mary Watson.

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