Sisters share their take on Field Day

By Aileen Zitek

It’s field season. School spirit and lively discussion can be found all throughout the halls at Marian, but what is it like in the halls at home? Sister duos senior Katherine and sophomore Maggie Martin, and junior Nyanar and sophomore Achay Kual, give an inside look at what it is like to have a sister at Marian in another grade.

“I tend to talk about Field Day a lot, but then Maggie gets annoyed, and avoids it at all costs,” Katherine said.

“Field Day is a big topic,” Nyanar said, “especially because Achay is a class officer in her grade, so I learn about the inside works of Field Day too.”

For the Martins, the competition aspect between the two sisters isn’t really there, Katherine explains. “Since Maggie’s grade is my little sister class there really is no drama, we really support one another through the season.” The Martins keep their sisterly bond and don’t let anything Field Day related get in between them.

For the Kuals however, the competition is very present. “Since we are only one grade apart, we get super competitive with each other. Sometimes during Field Week we each try to yell our demo louder than the other,” Achay said.

As for their parents, they do not root for any specific daughter. “They tried to do a cycle so we each got three years,” Katherine explained, “they would root for me my freshman, sophomore and senior year, then root for Maggie her freshman, junior and senior year. Now, they just root for both of us.”

Martin sisters.jpg
Sisterly spirit! Sisters Maggie Martin ’20 and Katherine Martin ’18 pose for a picture on Field Day 2017. The girls shared Field Day spirit and a unique experience as Maggie experienced her first Field Day. Photo courtesy of Katherine Martin.

The Martin’s mom also gets excited for Field Day. “Now, she gets to wear a blue outfit because we both have shades of blue as our colors,” Maggie said.

The Kual’s mom does the same thing. “She tries to wear one color from each of our classes to show equal support.”

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