Whining about winter: A memoir from the biggest summer lover

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Grace Sall Senior Picture • Kissed by the Sun!

Opinion by Grace Sall

I can name on one hand all the things that I have a strong hatred towards; there aren’t many. Hate is a very strong and dramatic word, one I do not use lightly. Not many things are deserving of my utter hatred. 

Take, for example, Gossip Girl. Though the entire premise of the show makes me roll my eyes and want to scream: “There are worse issues in the world than what Blair Waldorf did to Jenny Humphrey!”, I probably would not designate the word “hate” to the television show. 

I just don’t have strong negative opinions about many things. However, you know what I can say that I completely despise? The smell of a dentist’s office and the season of winter. Both of these give me angst simply thinking about them. 

Winter is by far the worst season of the year. Am I being harsh? I don’t think so. The only good thing about winter is the occasional snow day when I am not required to subject myself to the cold winds and dry air for my education. 

Winter wonderland? More like gray and dreary state of slush. Snow is only pretty for about six minutes and then it turns to gray and black muck that never seems to melt off the sides of streets despite rising temperatures. 

To all those who prefer this awful season to warmth and the sun, I cannot understand it. Especially January, when I saw the sun maybe once in the whole month. I live for the summer, for being tan, barefoot and worry-free. Winter means being pale and in a perpetual state of shivers despite layers of clothing and blankets. 

I could never live in a state where winter lasts more than 3 months. Alaska? You’d have to drag me kicking and screaming. How can you choose to live somewhere that has a longer winter than summer? Catch me down south somewhere when I’m older, living my best life with summer weather trickling into November. 

The days are shorter in the winter, and leaving work or school when it’s dark and only 6 p.m. makes me want to go straight to bed when I get home; homework be darned. 

In the winter, it takes 20 minutes for my car to even warm up, and I’m still shivering even after the heat has enveloped me. Don’t even get me started on the steering wheel, because that is a lost cause. Getting gas is like braving the battleground, and turning off my car and subsequent heater is to be avoided at all costs.

I don’t know if it’s a mix residue of salt and snow that seems to cover my shoes, car and garage in the winter, but it’s rude. A car wash is absolutely pointless in the winter, and we all love going through the foamy colors for a clean; another reason to hate winter in my opinion. Nebraska had snow over spring break, too? What a disgrace. 

At the moment, I have a countdown until summer break begins (49 days for seniors and 62 for underclasswomen, to be exact). Don’t get me wrong, I will be so sad to graduate and leave Marian for the last time, but I am more than ready for days when I can leave my sunroof open and blast my summer playlists in the car until the sun sets at 9 p.m. 

To quote those cheesy tweets: Picture this. It’s 4th of July weekend. You are packing up snacks and drinks for a barbeque. Popsicles litter the bottom of the cooler and “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen is playing through the bluetooth speakers. Your hair smells like a mix of lake water and bonfire. Life. Is. Good. I live for the months of May, June, July and August. So here I am, not so patiently waiting for 85 degree weather and the smell of sunscreen and chlorine every afternoon.

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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