Nanny life is the good life

By Abby Butler

Have you locked down your summer job yet? If not or if you’re not sure what to do this summer, be a nanny! You might be cringing at the title “nanny” because work and kids are involved, but a good summer nanny opportunity might be the best thing for you. Watching and entertaining kids comes with responsibility and hard work, but it’s not all work and no play. Aside from messy kids and early mornings— there are perks to a nanny job.


Five reasons to be a summer nanny are:

1) You have fun.

Summer is a kid’s dream. Pool days and popsicles on the daily make nannying fun. You are getting paid to be a kid in the summer again. What could be better?

2) You watch movies all the time. 

Need someone to watch all your favorite childhood movies with? A movie is the perfect way to re-watch your favorites and relax while on the job.

You get to be outside. 

Kids love to ride bikes, color with chalk, and go to the park. A summer nanny is guaranteed to be outdoors at times, so you can get your tan on and get paid to play.

4) You stay creative. 

A nanny is also a kid’s friend. This job helps you stay creative and keeps your imagination alive.

5) You indulge in great food. 

Their pantry becomes your pantry and everyone knows kid food is better than adult food. Fruit snacks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cream bars, and all things finger food is the ideal summer diet. You get to keep your Kraft mac and cheese cooking skills fresh and enjoy some good processed food all summer long.abbybBUG

The nanny life is the good life. You get paid all summer be a kid again, to play, and have fun. You are paid upfront and aren’t losing money due to taxes. Looking for a job? Get your imagination ready, and become a summer nanny.


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