New lunch opportunities promote jumping aboard the healthy express

By Lydia Delkamiller

On Jan. 31, Marian administration sent the entire student body an email consisting of questions regarding the lunch system. The questions asked what new variety of foods the students would like to see, if they agree with prices, and how often they buy Marian’s lunches.

Healthy Options Ms. Ronda Motykowski hands out sandwiches in the healthy express lunch line. Sandwiches are a new addition and are for sale every day, among other healthy options.

Changes were made to the system, based on the survey, which include a new lunch line with healthy options. It consists of daily sandwiches like ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly. The cost of unhealthy desserts are now 50 cents more while the fruit bowls are now 50 cents less.


As of April 11, about 61 percent of the student body approves of the idea of the healthy express lunch line. Ideas have been suggested for lower salad bar prices and a smoothie machine.

Ms. Ronda Motykowski runs the healthy express line that the administrators set up based on the survey.


“A quicker take and go system was the idea, to stress the importance of healthy lunches. I’ve been selling out every day.” Motykowski said.

“I want the one dollar cookies back!” sophomore Katelyn Malick said. The famous three-for-$1 cookies are now $1.50, and it does not seem to be resonating well with some students.

However, other students like the changes. Junior Aidan Remmick said, “I get a PB&J and fruit bowl every single day.” Remmick approves of the price changes be- cause the fruit bowl price is now lower.


“I like the new line because it is shorter. I asked for more variety in the survey, and I like the new sandwiches,” freshman Ashley Huftless said.

These new healthy lunch options are provided every day and will continue to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

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