Senior Retreat: Memories in the making

By Lexi Schorg

On March 16, 148 members of the Senior class headed to Gene Eppley Camp and Retreat Center in Bellevue for their final Marian retreat, which was sponsored by Campus Ministry. Founded and operated by the Salvation Army, the Gene Eppley Camp and Retreat Center serves as the perfect place for any event. The camp’s 118 acres and endless activities make the time spent there unforgettable. Although the girls did not really get to explore much of it, they had the pleasure of listening to the wise words from Marian alums and their fellow classmates.

The retreat seemed to be off to a rough start with overcast conditions. The rainy weather was not ideal, but it did not stop any of the girls from having an amazing and eye-opening experience. In reality, the weather set the mood for retreat and as senior Lauren Klingemann said, “It made you feel as if you were in a movie when the people run through the rain.”

Many seniors spoke to how the retreat may not have been life-changing, but mind-changing. It put the past four years of high school into perspective. Next year, they will be out on their own, ready to conquer the world with all of the life lessons and philosophies they learned from high school. The retreat allowed them to open up after all their years at Marian and strengthen old bonds with their fellow classmates.

Peace out, Marian Megan Doehner ’18 and Rachael Brich ’18 pose as they get ready to depart of their final Marian retreat. The girls bonded as a class, creating new friendships an rekindling old ones. Photo by Audrey Otwell

Marian seniors were able to lead their classmates in their retreat. “It was cool to be a leader because we were able to lead our class through the retreat, yet we got to experience all the same emotions,” senior Anna Kilzer said. It was a very special experience that allowed students, no matter leader or participant, to create bonds with friends that will last long after they leave the halls of Marian.

The best advice for anyone going into a retreat at Marian is to go in with an open mind. The memories and bonds made with classmates will live on forever.

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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