Behind the scenes of track’s finest coaches, managers

By Freida Nomenyo

Roncalli and Mount Michael alumni use their wisdom to better the Marian track team. Molly Belling has been coaching sprints at Marian for six years and Abiola Kosoko has been coaching high jump and hurdles for three years. The track team is important to the head coach Mr. Greg Golka and assistant coaches, Roger Wright, Ronda Motykowski, Abiola Kosoko and Molly Belling.

Their favorite part about coaching is the girls and the long lasting friendships that have created. The coaches love watching the girls progress throughout the season. Kosoko said, “They always want to listen and get better. They keep me young, and are always making me laugh.”

Molly Belling’s Bio Photo from the UNO Athletics page.

Belling said, “We laugh, joke, and have fun; because even though it’s a competitive sport-it’s not considered a sport to me if you are not having fun.” The sport is a hard mental game, but with lots of laughter and dedication, the athletes can do anything; that is what the coaches preach.

Belling and Kosoko both ran track in high school for all four years. Kosoko ran hurdles, sprints, and high jump at Mount Michael and went to college at Creighton University. Kosoko’s day jobs consists of being a marketing and social media manager at Database USA, freelance photographer, DJing, photography instructor at Metro Community College and owns Demo Lives.

Abiola Kosoko’s BIO Photo from Creighton University Website.

Belling also ran sprints and went to state all four years at Roncalli. She later went to college at University of Nebraska at Omaha to break more records. Some of her accomplishments over her track career include, NCC Outdoor Championships Track Athlete of the Meet in 2006 and 2007 and many more. Belling’s day job is a Instructional Facilitator for Omaha Public Schools. She taught for seven years at Gilder Elementary School and currently working on getting her Master’s in OPS Teaching and Learning Leadership Cohort.

Belling and Kosoko have been friends since high school. At a meet, Belling asked Kosoko if he would hold her blocks, and he responded “anything for the fastest girl in Nebraska,” and they have been friends ever since. The power duo has worked hard to whip the athletes in to shape and push them to their best ability.

A new addition to the track team this year are track team managers: senior Evelyn Paul, sophomore Agoum Monydhel, and freshmen Kori Bullard, freshman Arianna Harrison and freshman Wejuic Majok. An ordinary day for them consists of taking out equipment for sprints which includes: taking out the hurdles, lying down the ladders, taking out the medicine balls and batons. They lead stations, and tell the athletes when to switch stations. They play music to hype up the team and get them ready for a great practice.

This years track team managers have lots of great traditions, one of them being riding together to Northwest (where the team practices). The girls enjoy jamming to music, eating food and laughing on the short car ride to Northwest.

The Marian track team would not be as amazing without the help of all the coaches and team managers.

Marian Track Team photo by Pyles Studio.

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