Language honor societies change induction celebration

By Maria Alessandro

It is considered a prestigious achievement to be inducted into an honor society, and at a competitive school like Marian, students have the opportunity to be inducted into multiple societies for different subjects. The honor societies at Marian include: National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, Rho Kappa (Social Studies), Mu Alpha Theta (Math), National Spanish Honor Society, National French Honor Society, Junior Classical League (Latin) and Quill and Scroll (Journalism).

Different organizations have different academic requirements to get inducted that are listed in the curriculum handbook. Some of the general requirements include having an A in the specific subject of the honor society and maintaining at least a B average in the other classes. Most students are inducted in their junior or senior year in the springtime; the ceremonies usually take place before school.

Marian’s mornings are quite hectic in the spring, filled with both club and Field Day meetings, and sometimes it’s hard to fit in a ceremony. The foreign language teachers were having trouble finding a date for their ceremony. French teacher, Madame Janet Tuttle was having difficulties finding an open morning, so she decided that the French students would not have a formal ceremony, those inducted would instead have a casual presentation during their French III class on Friday, April 13.WEBfrench

“There were hardly any openings in the April schedule, so I thought it would be easier and less stressful to do the induction during a class period,” Tuttle said.

The Spanish department had an informal induction on April 19 in the morning, and the Latin III class will have theirs on April 26 in class. Though, more than 62 percent of students, particularly freshman and sophomores responded that they would be upset if the ceremonies were taken away even if they were to still get inducted into the honor societies. 

In the upcoming years, some of the specific subject honor society inductions might be a lot more informal, but there has been no official change yet. When it comes to the ceremonies, the teachers in charge of the inductions will be the ones who make the call on their decision for change with the administration approval as well. Another factor that will be considered is the input that faculty and administration will receive from students on their opinion of the matter.

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