Summer trips


Destination by Courtney Kilroy

Ice, Ice, Iceland is the place to be

By Mackenzie Kilton

In the summer of 2020, a group of Marian students will depart on an adventure to Iceland. Only Marian students are allowed to attend. The Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 have the opportunity to take advantage of this outstanding and educational experience. 

They will depart on May 26 and return on June 3. In between, there is an array of activities and tourists sites on the itinerary. The trip will be lead by multiple teachers which include science teacher, Mrs. Sharon Genoways and French teacher, Mrs. Janet Tuttle. Spanish teacher, Ms. Caitlyn Gaule, visited Iceland in March of 2018 and said, “Iceland has something for everyone including the nature and sightseeing. It was like somewhere I had never been before. It almost felt like a dream.”

The trip will include visits to famous destinations such as the Blue Lagoon, Grábrók Lava Field, and multiple waterfalls. Over the span of nine days, the group will also visit the Icelandic Saga Museum and the Hauganes Fish Factory. In addition, the tour includes an excursion to the Golden Circle, consisting of the Thingvellir National Park, Great Geysir, Gullfoss Waterfall, and Strokkur Hot Springs. Another once in a lifetime activity included is the opportunity to take a whale watching boat ride in the mountainous northern region. To put the cherry on top of this trip, the itinerary includes gelato tasting at Efstidalur farm. 

The trip is priced at $5,438, which includes a variety of accommodations. Seven overnight stays, tours, attractions, and daily breakfast and dinner are all included. The last available day to sign up for this trip is June 21, 2018. 


Marian students to embark on a trip to Europe

By Maria Alessandro

Over the course of 10 days, 162 Marian students, along with parents and teacher chaperones, will venture through Europe, visiting five different countries, which include Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France. School trips are an exciting time for Marian girls, as the opportunity to travel a country only comes every other summer.
    Every other year, Marian takes a trip to a different country, or countries, offering the travel expenses at a comparably cheaper price than if a person were to go on the trip unattached. For the trip this summer, the cost for students was $4,118, and includes the flight, hotel, breakfast, dinner, the bus rides, and all excursions.

The 2018 trip, which departs on May 31, is Marian’s biggest ever. Many different interesting and historic places will be visited including, but not limited to the Neuschwanstein Castle in Munich, St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Mt. Pilatus in Lucerne, and the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. 

Throughout the trip, students will also be able to witness new cultures and try different foods. “I’m most excited to go to Italy to try authentic Italian food and learn about the different cultures in all of the countries,” junior Melanie Brusnahan said.

As the trip comes closer and closer, there are many important essentials to remember for traveling to foreign countries, especially in Europe. The most important item to remember is the passport, as travelers need it to go to any foreign country. Specifically with this trip, it is important to exchange dollars to Euros beforehand, as it is easier and cheaper to do so in the States. Don’t forget that if travelers are planning to use their credit card, they need to notify their credit card company that they are leaving the country.

Packing. It is always a struggle to pack, and international travel, isn’t any easier. Girls are advised to only bring a backpack and carry on suitcase. Be aware, and check the dimensions allowed on international flights for luggage size. 

Other accessories that are recommended to bring include fanny packs, a collapsible water bottle, Febreeze, an adapter for foreign outlets, and thick socks. The European adventure this summer will include a lot of walking, so Chacos or a comfy pair of walking shoes might be a smart idea.

Although the little specifics for the trip can be overwhelming, going to Europe with fellow classmates and friends is surely going to be the trip of a lifetime. Girls going on the trip should put their phones away too. Pictures are just as amazing in someone’s head as they are on screen. Immerse into the culture and pay attention to all of the beautiful and historic places that can be discovered on the trip.


Winnebago provides summer service opportunity close to home

By Katherine Pelton

Last July, five students were selected to represent Marian for a week in Winnebago on a service trip. Winnebago is an Indian Reservation located in Eastern Nebraska filled with a beautiful and unique heritage.

Throughout the week, the girls participated in service activities each day. They weeded the parking lot so it could be repaved, helped the nuns with their garden, and cleaned up at the local daycare. When the girls were not doing service, they were able to immerse themselves in the Winnebagan culture and experience a simplistic lifestyle. 

Before the week came to an end, the girls experienced Winnebago’s powwow and further immersed themselves in the culture. The girls left with many new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. 

“I am so grateful that I got to go to Winnebago!” junior Lauren Philips said. “I feel like the service we did had an impact on the community, and I made some amazing memories with my Marian sisters.” 

Six students have been selected to represent Marian this summer, from July 22-28. Campus Ministry sponsors this opportunity through the national organization Youth Neighbors in Action. This opportunity costs participants $500 and they urge the student body to watch for fundraisers in May.


Backpacks are zipped, ready for the Dominican Republic service trip

By Kayla Gornall

Marian’s earliest trip in the summer of 2018 is a mere two days after students take their last final. Chosen after a two-step application process through Campus Ministry, 12 girls will start their journey to Santiago, Dominican Republic on Friday, May 25 and will be returning Tuesday, June 5. Each girl has only a backpack for their necessities during the trip.

This year, the trip will cost around $2,100, but it won’t be official until the flights are booked. Team members send out fundraising letters to friends and family to help them with the price. Social Studies and French teacher, Mrs. Katy Salzman and Spanish teacher Mrs. Amanda Pritchard are the Marian chaperones for this trip. Both teachers hold a special place in their hearts for the D.R. and the people who inhabit it because they have already experienced life there. 

While a student at Creighton, Pritchard followed in her friend and role-model Bridget Ruane’s footsteps to study a semester abroad in the D.R. Pritchard said, “I realized the immense benefit of sharing with others.” She learned to “slow down, spend time with people, and take in ordinary graces” that surround her daily.

 Salzman took a group of Creighton Prep students to the D.R. in 2011. “The most magical part of spending time in community with those who have so few material possessions is that you discover how actually rich they are in so many ways,” Salzman said.

This year’s trip is 12 days long, two of which are travel days. The team will spend four days in Santiago at the Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) center through Creighton, five days in the campo, and the last full day on the beach reflecting on the week.

The campo is different each year. For the 2018 trip, it is located in Dajabón, in the village Peñita, a farming community close to the Haitian border. 

In the campo, the girls will be stay in groups of two with their host families. This is a full immersion trip to experience the rich culture and language of the D.R., while the girls learn more about themselves and their faith. They will get the opportunity to create deeper bonds with each other and the Dominican families.

The community that will be served in the campo has requested that their church and community center be repainted. Each day there, the Marian team will grab their paint brushes and get to work. The service in the campo is just one part to the whole experience, though. Dancing and games with the locals also create fond memories.

 As Salzman reminisced on her past experience in the campo, she said, “It is really telling when, after only five days in the campo, you get teary eyed saying goodbye.”

The team is already preparing by practicing their Spanish and discussing the trip at their Tuesday morning meetings. 

 “It’s surreal how close the trip is. I know that it will have an extremely positive impact and I’m excited to share the experience with the other girls in the group,” Ashley Stanek, a 2018 team member said. 

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