The importance of internships: Getting the dream job


Calling all the Marian Girls Katie Harris and Paige Patton ’19 are making calls to inform voters for upcoming elections. They also collect survey information about past registered voters. Photo by Olivia Glock 

By Kaitlyn Rosenbaum

Looking for a job or discerning future career paths can be stressful without the right experience or qualifications. Internships can be the perfect opportunity to make the connections needed to pursue your dream job or even to impress the admissions offices of your top college. They allow students to acquire new skills and gain experience in the “real world” before they are sent off into an unfamiliar place. 

Internships can be extremely important to employers when searching for the most qualified applicant, possibly setting yourself apart from your competitors. The benefits to completing an internship can amount to many, making it a worthwhile experience. While internships can be useful for gaining experience in a desired place of employment, they can also simply relate to a person’s interests. Juniors Katie Harris and Paige Patton, along with other classmates, are currently involved in an internship at the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF). CLF is the leading super PAC dedicated to promoting candidates that meet their ideological views. 

While this internship doesn’t necessarily relate to the jobs they want to pursue in their future, they are gaining other useful skills from hands-on experience. While making phone calls and walking door-to-door, Harris recognizes of the benefits of their internship. She said, “It gives me connections with people that can be beneficial, help me grow and learn, and make me more responsible.” Her favorite part of the job is “getting to meet new people, learning more about politics and political activity, and how to be a good civil servant,” she said. 

The people that they meet along the way can be valuable when in need of references for jobs or even applying to college. Patton said, “Interning with CLF gives me an opportunity to work with and be recognized by a national organization that extends just beyond Omaha and Nebraska. We can get a really good recommendation for college.” 

Finding an internship that relates to your interests and participating with friends can be the perfect combination. This can prove to be valuable when paving the way to college and eventually a career. The people available to make connections with through internships are truly one of the most substantial ways to ensure success and support in your future. 

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