Senior May Queen graces Marian with inspiring values, embodies faith

Anna Cook ’18

On May 8, senior Maria Determan led second grade daughters of alumnae to the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The girls were dressed in white Communion dresses as they were led by the May Queen. When Mrs. Anna Kolterman, Campus Minister and Worship Choir Director, pulled Determan aside earlier in April, Determan had no idea what she was going to tell her. “You’re this year’s May Queen” was not what she expected.

“I was surprised, but mostly honored that my classmates would give me that kind of honor. There are more than a hundred other people in our class and for them to choose me made me feel very special and honored,” Determan said. 

May Queen is an honored tradition at Marian that commemorates the connections made between the Servants of Mary and students, as well as honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary. Each year the May Queen is selected by the members of the senior class. The selection of May Queen is based on a student who shows strong interest in her faith and lives out her faith life daily. 

Crowning Mary May Queen Maria Determan ’18 places a crown of flowers on the statue of Mary. Determan was chosen to be May Queen by her fellow seniors. Photo by Anna Cook.

“I have incorporated faith in some big ways and some small ways. The bigger ways, more visual ways, would be going to Decade Darlings every day, because I think that it’s a nice way to think of others around you. I go to Hearts of Marian on Wednesday, which is a more personal way of growing in your faith,” Determan said. 

Determan participates in physical ways of showing faith, but she is also very in tune with the spiritual and mental aspects of faith. “I always try to be positive and encouraging to others, because that is an aspect of faith that some might not think about. But to me it’s a very important part of my faith,” Determan said. 

As a senior, Determan is involved in many extracurriculars at Marian. She sings in Worship Choir, Select Women’s Choir, writes for The Network, is a leader for retreats through Campus Ministry, helps with the Recruitment Team and is a leader in the Sundae Wednesday Club. Although her commitment to all of these activities makes her a busy Marian girl, she always leaves time for her faith. 

“I would say anywhere you go, even at Marian, you can’t just expect to gain a faith life. If you don’t seek it, you’re not going to find it. So if you want to find yourself and find your faith, you’re going to have to step out and go find it,” Determan said. 

Determan’s best friend, senior Megan Doehner, knows just how deep Determan dives into her faith. “Without fail, she carries a glow within her, bringing God’s love and graces to every single person she encounters,” Doehner said.

Doehner introduced Determan at the May Crowning ceremony with a heartfelt speech. 

Determan’s advice to underclasswomen in growing in their own faith life was an encouraging message. “There are plenty of ways at Marian to be involved and if you take the first step, then you’ll fall into it – in a good way – and hopefully find what you’re looking for,” Determan said.


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