A senior’s advice to underclasswomen

by Maddie Robertson

DSC_0003Don’t get lost in the sauce:

The pasta sauce, that is. You’ve heard of the Freshman 15 people experience in college, but let me tell you, it can happen your freshman year of high school, too (and sophomore and junior and senior year). I am all about treating yo’ self, but do so in moderation. You shouldn’t be drowning in Crispito cheese more than extracurriculars. While some may consider your ability to eat three breadsticks at once a talent, others see it as a cry for help. Feel free to reward yourself with some dessert after a rough test, but not to the extent where Emergency Response Team has to pull you out of a food coma. 

Become Troy Bolton: 

That is, do it all if it’s something you’re passionate about. Don’t shy away from trying out for the school musical even if you’ve never seen sheet music in your life. There’s nobody stopping you from being a chemistry guru by day and a basketballer by night. Marian provides opportunities as numerous as the rhinestones on Ryan Evans’ berets. As long as you’ve got your head in the game, it doesn’t matter if you choose to spend your time participating in multiple sports, fine arts, academic clubs or playing the cello. 

Don’t messy bun if it isn’t fun:

The earth is round. Ice cream is better eaten with a fork. Every Marian girl wakes up flawless. They’re just facts. Many Marian girls pride themselves in not owning a hairbrush and wearing their uniform to bed. But there’s no shame in wanting to curl your hair for fun (or even washing it). If you prefer rolling into math class with perfect eyeliner and hairless, smooth legs, power to you, girl. You don’t have to care about your skirt having clay stains on it, but you also don’t have to not care. Either way, you’re still gorgeous inside and out. 

Listen, not everyone can be Beyoncé: 

But that’s not to say that Ellen Degeneres, Michelle Obama and Emma Watson aren’t awesome as well. You might not be the Class President or be the shining star of the wheel in pottery class, but don’t let that devalue your personal accomplishments. Being an active member of Harry Potter club can be just as meaningful as being a Class Officer. So whether you’re in the running for valedictorian or running a bake sale, remember that girls still run the world.

Get some sleep. It’s not that deep:

Listen, nobody is going to give you a gold star for only getting three hours of sleep. They’re probably going to give you a ride to the ER. Sleep is so important, and not getting enough is no badge of honor. While nobody can be blamed for staying up late studying whether or not the hay was cut, if you don’t remember it at midnight, you won’t remember it during the test. 

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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