How to thrive in the ‘friend zone’

Entertainment Column by Shannon McSweeney

I love friends. I collect them like Pokémon. A friend is a source of entertainment, a voice of reason and a person to go to for both comfort and ranting. They always stick with you, from early morning coffee runs to late night adventures. Basically, friends are the best. But some weird people don’t even want to be friends.

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I know no one would reject my friendship because they don’t like me, because I’m pretty much the best friend anyone could ask for. So the only other reason why a person would be disappointed to be my friend is if they wanted to be more than friends.

Here’s the thing: sometimes two people just aren’t fit for a romantic relationship. Do you think Shaggy and Velma could have solved so many mysteries if they were dating? How could Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson run the Parks Department if they were too busy smooching?

Someday you may come across a person who you like, but don’t “like-like”, but who likes you as more than a friend. Simply explain to this person that you don’t feel the same way, then suggest going on a platonic ice cream date to smooth things over.

If said person gets angry at what you said, unfriend them. Why? First, because they refused ice cream and no sane person would do that. Second, because they are not taking your feelings seriously. If they weren’t content being just friends, they should have said that in the first place.

The friend zone is a beautiful place filled with great memories, and if people don’t like it there, they are welcome to be placed in the enemy zone, but there are spiders there so I wouldn’t recommend it.

The next time you either are in a friend zone or have someone in one, think of it as a blessing instead of a curse. After all, friendships are important relationships, too. 

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