Labels are for wrappers, not people

by Hailie Rydel

I would like to have a word with whoever created the musical subgenre ‘technical progressive bluegrass’. Yes, this is indeed a real thing I have heard. 

I hate labels, not explicitly in music (while it is quite ridiculous) but in regards to 95 percent of things. 

When we begin to label, it subconsciously creates division, separating “us” from “them” and vice versa. We gain no benefit getting caught up in the technicality of things. 

There is good music and there is bad music, and as far as I am concerned, that is all there is. It irritates me beyond belief when you ask someone about their music taste and they use seven different adjectives you have never heard of to describe it. Especially when one of those adjectives is “indie.” Please explain to me what that means. I guarantee everyone has varying definitions of that one type of music. I fail to see the purpose of genres for this reason.

Our generation also has an uncanny knack for complicating relationship status with weird labels. 

What exactly does “talking” mean, or “seeing someone?” Does anyone really know a solid definition for either of these statuses? Neither of these labels hold any genuine definitive significance. 

An example of labels promoting division is political parties. 

In this day and age, people are quick to pigeon-hole themselves into a certain group of people, especially in regards to political matters. If you label yourself a Democrat or a Republican, you are expected to follow their policies implicitly. If you happen to dislike one of these policies you’re labeled a “bad” Democrat or a Republican.

 When these parties disagree, individuals are rarely able to have a productive conversation and come to a reasonable compromise. 

These labels breed animosity because we already have this premeditated notion that one is right and one is wrong. 

We have various types of religions, and within these religions we have different denominations. Yet we still have labels for each and every one. 

All religions can agree on one underlying principle: be good. Despite this mutual agreement, we still feel the need to feud and prove our “correctness” over other religions. A great deal of beliefs overlap into different religions, yet we all hold onto the fact that the ultimate deity is in our corner. 

We all bleed the same. We all function the same on the inside. So what’s the purpose in distinguishing the color of our skin?

No one deserves more or less due to the color of their skin. So why point it out in the first place? It is not something that can be helped. 

It is an inherent trait based upon DNA. Absolutely no one deserves an advantage or disadvantage for something they have no control over. 

Don’t label music or people. 

We’re all humans. 

Everybody, love everybody. 

dont label
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