Tracking the field stars: Returning coach for field events

By Lydia Delkamiller

The track season is well underway and the field events are playing a pivotal role in the team’s success. The track field events consist of pole vault, high jump, triple jump, long jump, shot put and discus. 

The track team competed at Doane University and freshman Lauren Harris beat the school record in high jump. “It has been a successful season so far,” junior Emma Boever said. The team traveled to Kearney on Thursday, April 15. 

Emily Saalfeld

“For me, this season has been super fun because Miss Mo is our coach,” senior Lauren Klingeman, who throws shot put and discus, said. Ms. Ronda Motykowski holds the school record in shot put and has the second place school record in discus. “She has been able to share her throwing experience with us,”Klingemann said. 

Ms. Motykowski is coaching discus and shotput this season for the first time in eight years. “I realized we needed coaches with background in throwing, and I was more than happy to coach,” she said. 

A discus is a 1-kg disk shaped object and is thrown for distance. Shot put is the same idea but with with a spherical weight of around 7 kilograms. “I’ve been concentrating on teaching the techniques for shot and disc because being a thrower is based on technique, and we are improving that,” Motykowski said. 

During the Papio LaVista meet sophomore Emily Saalfeld competed in the pole vault and accidentally broke the high jump bar. “I hadn’t realized it at the time, but I knew it hurt a lot,” Saalfeld said. Despite the accident, Saalfeld keeps a positive attitude.

Track is open for anyone to join at the beginning of the season, and everyone is welcome. “Participating in track is a super great way to meet new friends!” Klingeman said. There are no cuts when trying out for track. “I am really going to miss all the new people I meet, especially all my friends who are seniors,” Saalfeld said. 

State track will be held at Burke High School on Friday May 18 and Saturday May 19. Until then, Marian will compete in several more meets, but the  junior varsity track team’s last meet will be on Tuesday, April 24. Varsity only has one last regular season meet before they start prepping for the upcoming races at Metros, Districts, and then finally, the Track and Field State Meet.

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