The bond between Marian girls and their teachers

Opinion by Anna Cook ’18

If every teacher in the world was neutral and emotionally closed off around their students, there would be no great composers or leading scientists. The world would be void of artists and world leaders. The ability to form a camaraderie or bond with your teacher impacts how well you do in the classroom.

Now that’s not to say you’ll be best friends and make friendship bracelets with every one of your teachers, but having mutual foundations of trust and respect will go a long way in the classroom. A majority of the students who responded to the May Network Survey stated that the following qualities described a good teacher: understanding, humorous, kind and enthusiastic. 

IMG_6163Teachers have the amazing ability to inspire their students, and Marian’s are no exception. At Marian, it’s a norm to be chased down the hall by Mr. Baker or to have heated conversations with Mrs. Cotton about whether Oedipus deserved to die or not. Forming camaraderie with teachers makes that next chemistry test a little easier or the next presentation a little less nerve-wracking. 

Although there will always be one subject that you just simply do not vibe with –and that is perfectly fine– the opportunity to actually enjoy spending an hour and a half with your teacher can make learning an interesting and entertaining experience. 

For example, I am not a lover of physics. Trust me, I’ve tried, but there just isn’t something that clicks between me and physics. Even though the complex concepts of physics frustrated me to no end, Mr. Winterboer’s easy-going and helpful personality helped me succeed in the class.

Cherish your teachers, reach out, and they’ll most likely respond positively. Learning is a two-way street that requires both the student and the teacher to put in effort and to be open-minded. The bonds made with teachers oftentimes define the experience with the class or subject and inspires students to reach for their dreams. 

Cherish your teachers, reach out, and they’ll most likely respond positively.

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