Don’t go breakin’ my heart…when bands break up

Entertainment Column by Hailie Rydel

Despite not knowing them in person, bands and musicians act as best friends, role models and inspiration. When a band breaks up, or when a musician passes, it stings deep. Lately, it seems like artists have been dying left and right. Rude. 

When we listen to a band’s record, it’s a personal experience. The artist felt deeply enough about something to put hours worth of blood, sweat and tears into a musical story. Through listening to this musical story, we can truly get to know the individuals behind the music. Through this process it’s easy to see how we can become attached to people we have never met in our lives. 

katherine guitar

graphic by Shannon McSweeney

Music that is executed well can be a means for saving lives, it can be strength through adversity, inspiration to move on and most importantly an emotional outlet for feelings you might not even know you were feeling. Eloquently spoken words can easily inspire these huge life connections. It’s only natural to feel connected to people when you bond over mutual life happenings. 

Oftentimes, when we thoroughly enjoy an artist we commit time and energy to listening to the entirety of their work. Exploring a band’s musical repertoire takes you on a journey of growth with them. In a way we feel like we too, have grown up with the band. That’s personal. 

I personally grew up with  Linkin Park. They were one of my mother’s favorite bands during my childhood. Naturally, we were constantly bumping Linkin Park around the house, in the car or whenever we had a free moment. When I heard news that lead singer, Chester Bennington, passed away, I cried. Real tears were streaming down my face. The loss wasn’t just some dude in a band, it was a role model, a friend and an inspiration. I certainly wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Bennington amassed a huge and loyal following with his music.

Whether or not we knew them, losing an artist, or a band is a deeply felt loss. The bond formed over mutual life struggles is intensely personal. Losing a loved artist is like losing a close friend. 

Band Break Ups of the last year according to

• Audioslave
• Wonder Girls
• Alex & Sierra
• Black Sabbath
• Mobb Deep
• 2AM

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