Janata’s vocation takes her beyond Marian’s classrooms

by Maddie Robertson ’18

For 30 years, Ms. Kathy Janata has served the Marian community by incorporating compassion, wisdom and innovation into her work. 

Before working as a theology teacher and school counselor at Marian, Janata taught for Sacred Heart Southern Missions in Mississippi. Her position as a junior high school history and religion teacher involved working with students impacted by poverty. 

After six years of teaching, she moved back to Omaha to be with family. Here, she began working at Holy Name High School as a religion teacher and a campus minister. She was also the volleyball and basketball coach.

In time, Holy Name came to the decision to close down its high school. Dr. Luvern Gubbels, a frequent substitute teacher at Marian, was principal of Holy Name at the time. He was the one who recommended Marian to Janata. 

At the time, Marian was looking for a campus ministry position and theology teacher who could also coach swimming. 

“I came back for my second interview in goggles and fins,” Janata said. Betsy Kish, who was principal at the time, was impressed and amused by Janata and hired her. 

Since then, Janata has worked as a theology teacher, school counselor, I.D.E.A.S Club moderator, Yoga Club moderator, Equestrian Club moderator, Step Club moderator, Worship Choir member, and softball coach.

As Janata goes to utilize her gifts in the wider Omaha community, she plans to remember her time at Marian and the relationships she made throughout it all. 

“Marian has been my life for so long,” Janata said. “Over 30 years there are so many people who have had an influence on me. To mention just one or two would be insufficient.”

In addition to appreciating all Gubbels and Kish have done for her, Janata is especially grateful for the Servants of Mary.

“These women exemplify sacrifice, unselfishness, courage and faithfulness. They mean so much to me,” Janata said.

“I have been extremely blessed to meet the most motivated students and successful alums. I have worked side-by-side with extremely dedicated, talented and kind faculty and staff and I have the greatest respect for the most generous, unselfish and caring parents I have ever met. It is a special community,” Janata said.

Inspired by faith Ms. Kathy Janata talks with her Block C Theology II class. The sophomores were discussing the Apostolic Pillar of the Church.

Though she will no longer be working at Marian, Janata’s dedication, spunk and kindness will stay will remain with everyone she encountered.

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