Field Day

Esprit de Corps


Nothing “chalky” about sportsmanship The senior class writes a warm welcoming to kick off Field Week. Similar messages of class unity and sportsmanship decorated the sidewalks.

Ellie's Pennies

Spreading the wealth Ellie Messerschmidt ’18 hands out pennies to Mary Trainer ’18 and Sydney Knight ’18. Messerschmidt’s pennies gave every student a hint of last minute luck before Field Day.

Rose Calire

Sew into helping Rose Claire VandeVegt ’19 helps Emilee Braun ’18 with costumes. Students gave help to other grades throughout the week after they were done with their own committee endeavors.

Taylor Sterba Pic

Sisters embrace The Classes of 2020 and 2018 meet to celebrate the Field Day results. Little and Big sisters traditionally rush to the floor of Baxter after finding out the places of each grade.

Lauren's Cookies

A sweet treat Lauren Zadalis ’ 19 
showcases three pans of the 510 cookies for her fellow Marian sisters. The three types of cookies, decorated according to the colors of each class, took Zadalis and her friends nearly six hours to make. “One of my Class Officers was talking in Chemistry about giving something to the other classes but not being sure about how to do it and what to do, so I volunteered to make cookies,” Zadalis said. She and other sophomores passed out the cookies the Thursday of Field Week. “ I got a lot of hugs and ‘thank you’s’ throughout the day,” 
Zadalis said. Photo courtesy of Lauren Zadalis.


Unity bling Anna Swoboda ’18 sports a message of class unity. Students also showed their support for other classes through pops of other class’ colors in their Field Week outfits. 


Love and lockers The Class of 2021 decorates the junior lockers with notes of gratitude. The bond between Little and Big Sisters was apparent before and after Field Day.

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