The Senior Network staff doesn’t want to adJOURN from the halls of Marian

No one had any idea that one day in August of 2014 would have had so much of an effect on us. We had no idea that having no principal was abnormal, Soph Lot would cease to exist our junior year, the letters A,C and T would haunt our lives for two years straight and Mrs. Surprise Day would be the best employee at Marian. We had no idea what kind of a place Marian is. Sure, we had heard upperclasswomen say “There’s no place like Marian,” and “Cherish your time,” but we could never truly believe it until our own senior year. 

Here we sit, reminiscing about all of the amazing things Marian has done for us. It has provided us with so many memories and skills that would take hundreds of copies of The Network to explain. 

We will miss our inside jokes, getting hit with books in Room 320, screaming songs at the top of our lungs, bathing in body paint and hearing Mrs. Turnquist say “Whoever ordered Jimmy John’s, your order is here.” 

As seniors we have realized that these everyday occurrences are very special. Take time to appreciate the little things that make Marian, Marian.

Appreciate the balls of hair that grow underneath your chair in physics class, the beeping interrupting the announcements, the sweat you break after walking up to third floor, the one girl who fans you after you ran eight laps in weight training and spying on the StuBo girls to see if they put tennis shoes in their locker. Because we are leaving we won’t have these experiences anymore, but we hope that you all will be appreciative of it.

Next year, Marian might be changing physically, but the bond and sisterhood shared amongst its students will not. Over the past few years we have witnessed how Marian can bring people together during times of hardship and joy, and we have witnessed how faith plays a huge role in that. Marian has showed us that God is a constant presence at Marian whether it be through the faculty and staff, the students or even Max, the unofficial-official Marian dog. 

Marian has become a home to all of us and it’s not just because there was a dog that roamed the hallways. 

Marian has built an actual community for us. It has made us feel like we belong somewhere in the world and allows us to be ourselves without fear of judgement. Because of Marian, we feel empowered to chase our dreams and not be afraid of what the future holds. On our first day, they told us that we would become leaders at Marian. Four years later, each and every one of us can say that we are in fact confident, independent, thinking leaders inspired by faith. 

Thanks for joining us on our ‘journ’ey, Marian. You have left an im‘print’ on us that we will have for the rest of our lives. And no, we will never close The Network.

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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