Athletic Hall of Fame

by Maggie Prosser

We are the champions Karen Criss Brown wins her well-deserved State Championship in 2006. Brown went on to swim for the University of Nebraska. 

Marian’s Athletic Wall of Fame has been a long standing tradition since back before most alumni can remember. The Athletic Wall of Fame wall became so full they had to make it digital to showcase all of our outstanding athletes. 

One of the many things Marian prides itself in is outstanding student-athletes. Just ten years ago, Marian’s previous Athletic Director, Mr. James Miller created the Athletic Hall of Fame to recognize exceptional student athletes after they had left the courts and fields of Marian. 

The Athletic Hall of Fame reaches out to previous athletes, coaches, state championship winning teams and even Marian athletic patrons. They have specific requirements for coaches and athletes. A student have to be graduated from Marian for at least five years, has to have won a varsity letter, and demonstrated some type of leadership or achievement through athletics in high school and college. A coach has to be retired, have coached four full seasons of the same sport as a head or assistant coach, and  shown superb leadership throughout their time as a coach. A selection committee gets together every year to decide which nominees should be chosen. 

This year the committee will be recognizing Karen Criss Brown ‘06 for achievements in swimming and Lindsey Slocum Robertson ‘06 for softball. 

Brown swam from the University of Louisville for two years and then transferred to swim at the University of Nebraska. Brown attended the 2013 ceremony for her induction as a 2004-2005 swim team member. Her family will be in attendance to cheer her on. 

“It’s a great feeling being in the Hall of Fame with a team and now individually. I took and still do take a lot of pride in representing Marian. Being an athlete while in school really teaches a lot of lessons and gives you character traits that can’t be learned in a classroom and those lessons and traits transfer to the real world,” Brown said. 

Ashley Carter ‘03 will also be receiving a soccer posthumous award.

“It means so much to us [to have Ashley up for this award]. It’s just another reason Marian and our family help her memory live on. I got teary eyed when I found out, but I was very, very happy and very proud. The first thing I wanted to do was call my husband and Chris which is her fiancé. He’s still in our lives,” Mrs. ___ Carter said.  

The 1986 State Championship-winning Golf Team and 2000 State Championship-winning Swimming and Diving Team are also invited. As for the coaching staff, strength trainer Mr. Ed Dudley will be commended for his 17 years as a soccer coach. 

The Athletic Hall of Fame has inducted 33 members in the past 10 years. Each year the committee holds a ceremony in May. Along with the five inductees, current MVPs, student-scholar athletes, three-sport athletes and current state championship winning teams will be invited to the dinner and program at Marian. 

Sophomore Grace Bentley played softball, basketball and tennis for two seasons. She is planning on attending the ceremony for her second year. 

“It’s so inspiring to see past athletes and hear their stories. It’s super cool to see old teams back together and how obviously close they still are after years apart. I hope to play college softball. I definitely see the stories of past athlete as incredibly inspirational. It makes me want to push myself harder and truly go after my goals,” Bentley said.

The banquet will be held on May 24. At the ceremony, short athlete biographies will be read by President Ms. Mary Higgins and interview clips will be watched.

“It’s super fun to be in attendance. Some coaches and athletes haven’t seen each other in years. The stories fly around. There is so much happiness surrounding it,” Dean of Student Affairs and Track and Field Coach Ms. Ronda Motykowski said. 

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