Network: Under Construction

In case you hadn’t noticed: our school is under construction. With all of these new blueprints and layout plans, the mismatched tile and yellowing walls we knew so well are soon to become a mere figment of our imagination. The sentimental value of the school we once knew is ever present, however it is 2018, and it is time for change.

The door to what Marian used to be is closing and a new door to all that Marian will be is opening. It may seem like just a makeover, but the new face of our school is more symbolic than anything else. It is the first step in changing the way that the next generation of leaders will learn to love Marian. Change must happen for great things to prosper and that is exactly why so much of it is happening this year.

Up in Room 304, we have the same mentality. You sophomores, juniors and seniors have probably noticed, this edition of The Network looks a bit different. From entirely new fonts to fresh graphics and candid shots, we want this to be the best year Marian newspaper has ever had. The stories will be personal, thought-provoking and informative. We will cover things that have never been covered and dig deeper than a Network staff has ever dug. So long to “fluff” and stories that, frankly, you don’t care about.

It is time for the staff to truly make the most of the outlet we have. We will never be perfect, and neither will Marian. But in the spirit of building and change, we have decided to put all of our 18 brains together, and get to work. The Network you have always known to love is officially, under construction.

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