Celebrating 125 years: Servite Sisters gather in Omaha

By Kaitlyn Rosenbaum

On Saturday Aug. 4, the Sisters of Mary gathered in the Performing Arts Center for mass. This wasn’t an ordinary daily mass but one to celebrate and conclude a week of prayer and community. The mass was led by Archbishop Lucas in honor of the Servite Sisters gathered from around the world. The sisters came from Detroit, the United Kingdom, the Congo, and Jamaica for the General Assembly right here at Marian High School.

The Servants of Mary gathered in Omaha to celebrate 125 years of compassionate service to the community. At this international assembly, the sisters had group sessions of discussion and reflection about what it means to be a Servant of Mary. A few sisters spoke to the group about their calling to this vocation and the doubt they faced but ultimately how their faith overpowered that uncertainty. To break the language barrier, the Sisters wore headsets to hear instantaneous translations being provided by the four translators.

Servites Reflect on Ministry Servite sisters from around the world sit together and converse about their faith. Photo by Kaitlyn Rosenbaum

The Servants of Mary created many new memories while sharing and reminiscing on old ones. They had the opportunity to go on little field trips during their time in Omaha. Many of the sisters went to places like the Henry Doorly Zoo, the Joslyn Art Museum, the Old Market, Lauritzen Gardens and retirement homes for service opportunities.

Without the Servants of Mary, Marian High School would not exist. The Servite Sisters built the school on a strong foundation of faith. They shared how amazing it is that young women can go to such a wonderful school and experience the impact of the Servants of Mary at a place like Marian. A sister from the United Kingdom said, “If you are ever in London, you are more than welcome to come visit us.” All Marian students can agree it is a blessing to witness and experience the community created by the Servite Sisters at Marian and around the world.


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