Mock Trial team gets students involved in the Marian community

By Caroline Drew

In the fall of 2017, Mr. Chris Dziadus began his first year teaching at Marian High School. Searching for a way to participate in the Marian community, the Prep football coach volunteered to moderate the budding Mock Trial team. “I have never done anything with Mock Trial until last year,” Dziadus said, “but I have coached football, baseball and wrestling and helped with speech team.” Lack of specific experience aside, Dziadus embraced this opportunity to get more involved with the school and its students.

Now in his second year, Dziadus is excited to see more and more students interested in Mock Trial. “I really want to keep seeing more and more girls try out for the team. I think this year we had over 30 girls that were interested,” Dziadus said, “I want to see that continue to grow.”

Seeing the students on the Mock Trial team getting more involved in their school is the most exciting part for him, “I think the more you put into your school the more you get out of it, so seeing more and more students try out for Mock Trial is really exciting for me,” Dziadus said.

As the team continues to grow, Dziadus is grateful for the team’s coaches, Caroline Nelson YEAR and Courtney Foltz, and their passion and enthusiasm, “They put in so much time and effort to teach the girls about the law and trial procedure,” Dziadus said, “they are not just great coaches, they are fantastic role models for the team.”

For the students of the team, practices began early this week. Dziadus said he hopes the season will serve as an opportunity for the team members to learn about the law and experience a potential career choice while being active participants in the Marian community and bonding as a team.


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