Cheer team excels, ready for sidelines

By Joey Carollo

While most Marian girls were busy getting their tan on this summer, Marian’s JV and Varsity Cheer teams were hard at work at UCA Cheer camp. Cheer camp this year was held at the Double Tree Downtown from July 16 to 19, where all girls spent three nights in the hotel cheering all day and bonding all night.

A typical day at cheer camp consists of learning new material including: cheers, sidelines, stunts, jumps, dances, tumbling and everything in between. Each day the girls would get evaluated on some of the new material, which led up to the final evaluation on the fourth and final day of camp.

Each team competes in the final evaluation of their game day and rally routines on the last day of camp. This year, Marian’s Varsity Cheer Team placed first in the rally routine category. This was a huge accomplishment for the entire team. Senior varsity member Ashley Stanek ‘19 said, “I am extremely proud of how much we grew as a team this year at camp and couldn’t have asked for a better senior year at cheer camp.”

Along with the team’s first place win, six members tried out for, and were chosen as, All-American Cheerleaders. Being chosen as an All-American cheerleader is the highest honor. To be eligible, they must try out at camp, and only a select few are chosen. The six chosen from Marian are Stanek, Cecilia Kolterman ‘19, Aileen Zitek ‘19, Kaycie Negus ‘20, Carley Gregg ‘21 and Lauren Mendlik ‘21.

Camp was not only a success for the upperclassmen, but the few freshman on the team also had their fair share of cheer camp fun. Cilla Quinn ‘22, a member of the JV team, said, “Being one of the few freshmen on the team, we freshmen knew that we had to do our best to prove to Coach Amber and everyone else that we deserved to be there. That motivation made us stand out, helped our team win the spirit sticks and got us rallied up.”

Overall cheer camp was full of spirit and fun for the Marian Cheer Team and was a successful start to their season ahead of them.

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