New Coffee Shop near Marian puts a Twist on the Classic Coffeehouse By Jenna Cusick

By Jenna Cusick

If there is one thing anyone can say for certain about Marian girls, it’s that we are BIG coffee lovers! In a battle between sleep or more coffee, coffee often wins. Whether you like it iced with three-fourths creamer, blended with caramel flavoring, or simply just hot and black, everyone needs a little pick-me-up at points during the school year. Coffee is an absolute essential for a schedule full of late night cram sessions, piles of homework, sports practices and work.

For these reasons, it is a true blessing that a new coffee shop to the Omaha area has just opened a few blocks down from Marian! Sometime this week, skip your morning run through Dunkin Donuts, and check out the Classic Rock Coffee Co. on 3912 N. 72nd St.

From drip coffee to hot and cold espresso drinks, along with dozens of syrup flavors, this place has drinks to please the most critical of coffee lovers.  In addition to quality coffee, they have smoothies, protein shakes, waffles, flatbreads, sandwiches, and more!


This rock’ n’ roll themed coffeehouse has music playing all day long. The rock’ n’ roll named drinks (Cinnamon Girl, Sweet Emotion, More Rockin Mint) and variety of memorabilia keep the shop on-theme. It opens at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday, which gives plenty of time to make a quick coffee run before first block. And for all the savvy-savers out there, don’t worry. These drinks won’t break your bank account.

In addition to the coffee and music, the owner also has a pond and dog park in the works next to the shop, so dog lovers, be on the lookout for that. As you make your morning drive to Marian, watch out for this coffee shop and give it a quick peek — it may soon become a student favorite!

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