The end of a hallway coffee era

Opinion by Abby Butler

When I walked into Marian on Aug. 17 for my first day of school, I was ready for a stellar senior year. I had a fresh cup of coffee in my hand, of course. I took a seat in senior hall sipping my coffee like I planned on doing every morning until May.

A new school year always brings change, especially this year with, you guessed it, construction and renovations. I was looking forward to seeing the updated classrooms and the new additions to the entrance. The new classrooms, painted grey with a blue hue and new carpet, look sleek and professional, and Marian wants them to stay that way, so I knew that the coffee rule in the classrooms was going to be strictly enforced.

Upsetting, yes, but I understood the purpose. In the past years, you could walk down any hallway at 7 a.m. and find a cluster of girls sipping iced Dunkin’ Donuts coffee through a bright orange straw. Even when coffee was not allowed in the room, students always found a way to sneak it in. No one ever intends to spill, but it always seems to happen. When I was informed, however, that coffee would not even be allowed in the hallways, I needed a minute. A minute to picture a hallway morning without coffee.  A minute to picture myself having to finish my coffee before walking into school. A minute to cope. Devastated is the only word to describe how I felt. How was I supposed to have a successful, non-drowsy morning if I could no longer sip coffee in the hallway before the bell? Administration explained their valid reasoning for the new rule, but I still couldn’t bring myself to accept it.

It may seem like I’m overreacting to this because coffee is not completely outlawed, just restricted. But I don’t particularly like change. It is totally acceptable to enjoy my coffee at home, during the ride or in the Quad, but that’s not where I prefer to enjoy it. I’ve always looked forward to sitting in the hallway, talking with my friends, cramming or relaxing when I receive my morning caffeine kick. How have I coped you may ask? Well, it’s been rough.

Every morning I put a K-cup in my Keurig, brew into my travel mug, add a dash of almond milk, and I am out the door. I do not tend to drink my coffee while driving, so usually I end up walking up soph lot chugging it. I walk right into school and put my empty travel mug in my locker.

Originally, this was hard. At first, I struggled to accept this lifestyle change, though it has become routine now.

I still continue to complain about the rule because while I plop myself on the yet-to-be-redone hallway floors each morning, I miss my old ways. However, I can admit, what seemed to be a devastating change initially has not been half as bad as I imagined it would be. I still get my caffeine fix each morning, which is the most important thing. Caffeine keeps me perked, happy and ready for the day, so while I don’t appreciate the change, I have started to adapt and get on with my life. With time, I am sure my old memories of a morning hallway coffee will fade, but they will never be forgotten. As for now, my rush up soph lot will continue to involve me frantically drinking my coffee. Like they say, all good things must come to an end, and the era of coffee in Marian’s hallways is truly no exception.


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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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